Представитель Ирины Аллегровой высказался о ее уходе со сцены The PR Director has clarified the rumors, as the news of the retirement of the actress startled all of her fans. Irina Allegrova is now on vacation abroad. The team also takes a break from touring and concerts.
Представитель Ирины Аллегровой высказался о ее уходе со сцены

Today, the Internet had spread the news that Irina Allegrova is going to leave the scene. According to some, she dismissed the group of musicians and dancers, and she intends to withdraw from touring and concerts. This is not a joke alarmed fans of the artist. However, the PR Director celebrity hastened to reassure fans. He assured that while viewers have nothing to worry about. Now she gains strength at the resort.

“Irina is currently on vacation abroad. She dismissed the team, and let to rest. About any care I have never heard any of Irina nor from the colleagues”, – told the “StarHit” the PR Director Magomed Suraganov.

The celebrity confessed that the thought of retirement and even thinking about their own business. But each time they found the strength to withdraw from the scene and continued to work to the delight of fans. Irina Allegrova: “I rested on the wall, its done all my crying and decided to leave”

“I wanted to open the business, and when I made a new program, I realized more than one year are going to devote himself to his Profession. In 2012, fair announced a farewell tour. Thought that rested on the wall, in the ceiling, its done all my crying and decided to leave. Drove for a couple of years twice all corners of Russia, Germany, USA, Israel. I had to wrap it up, it can not be the similar to last forever, – confessed Irina with “StarHit”. But then I fell into the hands of interesting stuff… and I realized what I said is not all and not as I would like. After three and a half years, said: “Friends, I’m back!”

Many listeners love the creativity Allegrova. The artist pleases its fans for more than 40 years. She was surprised by the bold images of even the most demanding audience. A celebrity is directly involved in creating the outfits. The singer admitted that sometimes she has to argue with the costume designer, to defend their opinions. However, after that they work together to create a masterpiece. Irina is very possessive about his own person and prefers to do the makeup yourself.