Representative Anna Sedokova commented on her pregnancy

Представитель Анны Седоковой высказался о ее беременности In mass media appeared information about interesting position of the star. The journalists claimed that Anna Sedokova carefully hides this fact from the public. “StarHit” contacted the Director of the singer to comment on the news.

      Today in mass media there was information that 34-year-old singer Anna Sedokova supposedly is in an interesting position. Go to the period for which the celebrity. Journalists reported that the star resides on the fifth month of pregnancy and conceals this information from the public. According to the data appearing in the press, the father of the child Sedokova is a new beloved actress, whom she met in the spring of this year.

      “StarHit” contacted representatives Anna Sedokova to comment on the situation, but they deny the pregnancy of the actress. Sources close to the celebrities deny the rumors related to the fact that the star is planning to become a mother for the third time. According to them, the information that appears in the press, is untrue.

      “Anna is not pregnant, commented “StarHit” Director singer Cyril. And she is not going to. Very surprised appeared in the media rumors. Just the other day she goes to have a rest abroad, will be photographed in a swimsuit – once it becomes clear that about any pregnancy question.”

      Note that Anna Sedokova does not hide the changes in his personal life. Celebrity shares photos of the luxury gifts from the second half. So, on one of the images, the artist poses with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. But the name Sedokova chosen to reveal not in a hurry, believing that happiness loves silence.

      Recall that the singer is the mother of two beautiful girls – 12-year-old Alina and 5-year-old Monica. Anna Sedokova believes that a woman adorns the appearance of the children. In his microblog star wrote that labor make the fairer sex is softer and gentler and sexier.

      “Society dictates us the rules and said, “You’re the mother. Give up on yourself, forget what was before, now give only positive example. You must, you must.” But who is society?.. We can argue endlessly about what is right and what is not. But to abandon myself I will never allow it. And yourself! Be yourself, the one that wanted to be my whole life. And your family will always support you,” wrote Anna in social networks.