Reporters identified the mysterious boyfriend amber heard

Репортеры опознали таинственного бойфренда Эмбер Херд
It became known who the actress has dumped her lover of a billionaire.

Репортеры опознали таинственного бойфренда Эмбер Херд

Amber heard, who is currently filming
in the film “Aquaman” in Australia, in what does
not denying it is parallel to “cool” from two novels, and both —

Video accidentally shot
the Australian, who saw through a window in the neighboring yard
Amber, who “passionately” kissed a man, appeared on the Network yet
a couple of weeks ago. But then failed to identify the mysterious boyfriend
actress. Now, reporters finally found out who it was.

The name of the mysterious boyfriend amber Mans Khayra Davis, he hails from New Zealand. Davis – an expert in multiple
profile. He is a professional coach, and
stuntman, and even starred in a couple films as an actor. Mana maybe
unlike johnny Depp (the ex-wife heard) and Elon musk (her ex
lover-billionaire ) just to boast of perfect physical form. His amazing muscles and made,
apparently, amber an irresistible impression.

Репортеры опознали таинственного бойфренда Эмбер Херд

Since then, as it was filmed
video kissing Hurd and Davis, they have repeatedly appeared together in public.
However, this does not prevent Hurd in those moments when Mana is busy, to have fun with another stuntman,
also working on “Aquaman”. So,
recently, paparazzi have caught the herd in the Gold Coast, where she dined
with candles and muscular companion, which identified one of her members
crew — Kelly McKnight. Kelly is also a professional coach,
which from time to time moonlights as a stuntman in the movies. In the past, he was
understudy for a star like Dwayne
Johnson. Now substitute Jason Momoa who starred in
one of the main characters in Aquaman. Amber was already flirting with Kelly, and
time was an arm around his shoulders. Moreover, as witnessed watching
a couple of reporters after he left the restaurant, amber gave McKnight a kiss.