Reporters found out the name of the father of the child Anna Kalashnikova

Журналисты выяснили имя отца ребенка Анны Калашниковой

The results of the DNA test that said that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the father of the child Anna Kalashnikova, was shocked. While Anna continues to assure everyone that studies were tampered with by ill-wishers and ill-wishers to disrupt the wedding, Chaliapin, journalists tried to find out who actually fathered little Daniel.

After talking with the environment Kalashnikova, and most of his enemies, the media figured out, from whom in fact gave birth to Anya.

The truth about the relationship Kalashnikova men told the singer and host of the TV channel MusicBox Deynega Milena. So, the girl’s words confirmed Larisa Kopenkina that the child’s father is a wealthy man, a businessman and an exemplary family man, someone named Michael: “I don’t want to say who he is. God forbid, his wife finds out. They have the kids grow up. It’s all going to collapse – and the family and the business. I can only say that his name is Michael. He owns large properties in the Arab Emirates. Anya constantly went there on vacation. Invited his friends-artists, to free, per stay, to be there. And in Moscow she lived in a house that belonged to Michael”.

Milena also found it necessary to characterize the behavior of Anna, and noted that “weak on the front end”. “She doesn’t care who to sleep with. She jumps into bed with everything that moves” — summed up Deynega.

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