Reporters discovered the identity of tanstvennyh girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham

Репортеры раскрыли личность танственной подружки Бруклина Бекхэма
The son of Victoria Beckham fell in love again.

Brooklyn Beckham and Kim you’ll


son of David Beckham again showed himself a real don Juan. Although not passed yet
and month since he broke up with his girlfriend, actress Chloe Moretz, he’s already managed to twist
new novel. Worse yet, apparently 17-year-old young man started Dating a new
a girl in a time when Chloe had been his constant companion.

This summer Brooklyn a couple of times seen in
the company of a certain brunette — as was, for example, in Paris, where he went
together with their parents. But until very recently no one
knew who she was. Now, when the son of Victoria Beckham officially ended
your romance with Moretz, he ceased to hide his new friend.

How did the scout reporters, “the mysterious brunette” as they called the pretty woman before —
aspiring model Kim you’ll. She is only 16 years old, and she is a daughter of well-known in Britain
sculptor William Turnbull.This was reported online edition of Daily Mail.

Where I met young people while
unknown. But they seem to thrive in each other’s society,
because almost all spend together their free time. Only
last week, the paparazzi managed to photograph them together three times: in the North
London, for lunch at a popular establishment Giraffe, as well as during a romantic stroll through the streets
the capital of Britain. Moreover, Brooklyn seems so excited about his new
girlfriends that have already managed to introduce her to his friend, Rocco, son of Madonna and
Guy Ritchie, with whom he was close recently.

as for the abandoned Brooklyn Chloe, she struggles to pretend
she sovereshenno not suffer. However, one of her friends let slip that
Chloe is deeply hurt by the act of a young man. After all, he dumped her already
for the second time! Recall that the young Moretz and Beckham met in 2014, but
soon Brooklyn decided to break up with her for a new “passion” — young actress
Sonia Ben Ammar. And then, a little over a year later, threw a heavy sleeper … to return
to Chloe! But in less than a year, as he again left Moretz, this time to
to have an affair with his current girlfriend — Kim you’ll.