Пополнение «ангелов» Victoria’s Secret: модель-трансгендер и плюс-сайз

Пополнение «ангелов» Victoria’s Secret: модель-трансгендер и плюс-сайз

The most popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret made a shocking statement. For the first time in their history “angels” are: the model is transgender May Lifshits and model plus size Ali Cutler. Girls already participated in photo shoots for new collections and created a furor in the network.

So why is the brand Victoria’s Secret has gone to such drastic changes in the selection of his “angels”? All because of the scandal, which suddenly broke out in 2018, when the company’s founder stated that the patterns of its brand can only be slim, tall girl, all the other “non-standard” models in “angels” is taken, can not be. According to the man, not slender girls will ruin the whole image of the brand. This statement caused a storm of negativity from the public, and people even came out to protest for equality. It’s been less than a year and the representatives of the brand decided to rectify the situation, having in his company the TRANS-gender May Lifshitz and model plus size Ali Cutler.

Girls took part in the filming of the new collection that conquered the world. For example, you May Lifshits posed for the brand in the luxury lace sets. The girl for the first time became the face of such a large company, so the emotions from happening, do not hold back: “Serve our features as strengths. Grateful that was part of the advertising campaign, which was celebrated diversity, because the brand has attracted not simple models. Regardless of what our personal struggle is with your body, your mind or the whole world — we just kept to ourselves. Let it binds us together so we can truly inspire each other.”

Пополнение «ангелов» Victoria’s Secret: модель-трансгендер и плюс-сайз

Model with curvaceous Ali Kahler also with emotions were talking about the new brand. The girl confessed she always felt a sense of shame because of their imperfect forms. However, after this success, she believed in their strength and urged all their fans to fight with their systems. “I never liked my curvy body when I was younger, and didn’t want people looking at me cause I was fat … I reconsidered when I started to pursue a modeling career and saw the beauties that had great shape. Then I realized that I can be beautiful at any size. Look at us and change your opinion about yourself,” urged a celebrity.

Fans of the brand Victoria’s Secret has already appreciated the new collection and perfectly responded to changes in the composition of models. Special advertising represents a new turn in the fashion industry.

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