Replacing the standard key holders and keychain

Замена стандартной ключницы и брелока

Any modern man on the bunch, there are at least 5 keys, and carry them with you is not always convenient, especially if you need to go without a bag or clutch. Plus all the keys, there is still a massive ring or carabiner and keychain. Some use leather housekeeper. Them the keys are ordered and not sticking out in different directions, trying to break the pocket, but the housekeeper in size can match with a purse.

Замена стандартной ключницы и брелока

But now on Kickstarter successfully raises funds interesting development that will help to organize all of your keys, and don’t take up much space.

Замена стандартной ключницы и брелока

KEYDISK MINI is a set of two aluminum plates in a zigzag shape and two screws, which plates are fixed between the keys. In addition, the kit supplied washer and opener.

Gathering the plates together and inserting them between all your keys and bottle opener, you will get some sort of penknife in which each key can be put forward if necessary. The novelty will be much smaller and more lightweight than the usual key holders. The expected price is 12-15$.

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