“Repent!”: An ex-priest of the “House-2” tries to return a lover

«Покайся!»: Экс-священник из «ДОМа-2» пытается вернуть любовницу Less than a month ago, the former participant of “House-2” became a third time father. However, despite the birth of a son, which he gave to ex-wife Galina, Jack Solomentsev wants to return the mistress. According to the man, he is willing to endure bullying Olesya lisovska, if only to be with her again together.
«Покайся!»: Экс-священник из «ДОМа-2» пытается вернуть любовницу

In late June, former participant of “House-2” Walter Solomentsev became the father of a third son, which gave birth to his ex-wife Galina. Despite the fact that he left his wife for Olesya lisovska, now he is torn between two fires. The mother of his children willing to wait when Solomentsev will return to his family, but Walter is trying to return the mistress.

The man published a video in which captured how Olesya hits him with a hot iron on the hands. But the former priest for her willing to endure even this.

“Olesya, I have long since forgiven you for the lies that you tried to disguise my confusion, deceiving that I was beaten, raped and blackmailed you. Stop playing, repent and try to return to the only true feeling that was between us. You will not be easy, because I am very disappointed in you, but I’m sure you’re strong and can fight” – said Solomentsev to his profession.
«Покайся!»: Экс-священник из «ДОМа-2» пытается вернуть любовницу

Despite the fact that subscribers in the social network trying to reason with Walter, and recommend him to return to his family, the man himself is taking his time. Galina hoped that after the birth of her loved one will change. She admitted that she began to notice the confirmation of their dreams. “Before the birth when I became ill, he was there, came with me to the hospital and returned home to the children. I think he overestimated everything and scared that I will die. And said, “Galya, and who will love me?” – told the young mother “StarHit”.

Olesya herself when she saw the recording, was unpleasantly surprised, even though accustomed to such antics former lover.

“He always shot me when I look bad, and provoked. This video he recorded after he charged my card all the money. It is through mobile the Bank transferred all the funds yourself. Then I came to him to take the documents, and he broke my glasses, so I could not see. Now he writes to me, calling Declaration of love. But I don’t want anything. I think for him the whole story – the way to earn money. I’m not going to him and Galina to help. In my opinion, and she – the actress in this situation,” – said Lisovskaya “StarHit”.
«Покайся!»: Экс-священник из «ДОМа-2» пытается вернуть любовницу

Interestingly, Walter is literally not parted with a mobile phone that records conversations with Galina and Olesya. He showed a video where his ex-wife is also beat. Apparently, this situation is quite satisfied with the former priest, and he doesn’t want to change anything.

He suffers from unrequited love for his profession and can not forget. Despite the fact that they are regularly seen not only in the studios of the talk show, but in real life, yet they fail to regain the passion. Walter didn’t even see the point in his existence without his beloved. However, this did not stop him publishing intimate photos of Olesya made at a time when they were still together. The priest of the “House-2” hardly has not thrown a sweetheart from the eighth floor