Ремонт квартир, офисов, коттеджей с «Ремонт Престиж»

The company “Repair of Prestige for a long time working in the construction market of Moscow and Moscow region. Its professionals can perform a very wide range of repair and finishing works of high quality. In addition, they can perform installation of engineering systems and will be an original interior design. The company profile is the repair of apartments, cottages and offices turnkey.

Ремонт квартир, офисов, коттеджей с «Ремонт Престиж»

Advantages of cooperation with “Repair Prestige that distinguish this company from competitors.

Extensive experience of all employees of the company.

All customers have the opportunity to visit previous customers to assess the quality of work performed.

The company’s specialists will be happy to go to the site with the aim of familiarization, measurements and calculations. For this, customers do not need to pay anything.

A flexible system of discounts and the possibility of a phased payment of services is another advantage.

Estimates for the materials and execution of work shall be calculated initially. After signing the contract, the prices are clearly visible.

When the works are used only modern high quality materials and meets all the necessary technology.

The company trusts its customers, so they can dictate the payment on their own terms.

“Repair of Prestige gives a guarantee for a period of three years on all completed repairs.

The cost of services provided by the company always remains at an affordable level. This company has a great experience and a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Ремонт квартир, офисов, коттеджей с «Ремонт Престиж»

The company “Repair Prestige provides the following services:

Cosmetic repair of an apartment

This includes a wide range of works for dismantling of old coatings, leveling and priming of surfaces, the decoration of the walls in different ways. Also this type of repair is the floor covering. Ceiling trim may be different — from a simple painting to installation of various ceiling systems. In refurbishment includes the installation of interior doors, as well as other types of small repairs.

Overhaul apartments

For this kind of repair is the remodeling of the premises, and all demolition work and plastering surfaces. Experts will conduct a quality screed will perform works on installation electrical. In addition, the overhaul includes replacement of sanitaryware, installation of sewer pipes, ventilation and heating system. The specialists of “Repair Prestige carry out the replacement of doors and plastic Windows, install a floor heating system, will perform the final finishing of all surfaces.

Renovation of apartment

This includes all of that and repair. The difference is that renovation is an exclusive and shall be under the key. When it is executed using only high quality materials, which are selected according to the design project.

Finish cottage

As for the decoration of cottages, specialists can perform both internal and external finish. In the first case, carried out all the work as the overhaul of apartments.
They complement the works on insulation of all surfaces and sound insulation. In the second case, the Repair of Prestige to carry out work on the roof, the facade and so on.

Repair of offices

Under the renovation implied the removal of the fear of the coatings, the alignment of surfaces, the laying of new flooring materials, gluing and painting walls, installation of ceiling and engineering systems.

The company “Repair of Prestige values its customers!

Company website: http://remontprestizh.ru/
Address: Moscow, Ryazanskiy Prospekt d. 8A
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +7 (495) 665-93-71

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