Repair in a new apartment: make or pay?

Ремонт в новой квартире: сделать или заплатить?

The question of repair is particularly relevant for buyers of primary real estate. Some do not want to spend time on repair and choose apartments with a fine finish, ready to move in. Others want to show imagination and do everything on your own. Experts specialized real estate portal Вестум.RU will help you decide which finish is more profitable: finishing or roughing.

Ремонт в новой квартире: сделать или заплатить?

Fine finish

To date, developers often offer for sale an apartment with trim “turnkey”. Under the finishing trim is made fully understand the repairs which the buyer can move in immediately after purchasing the apartment. The ceiling whitewashed, the walls are painted or papered, the floor is covered with linoleum or laminate. The apartment is equipped with plumbing, sockets and switches, interior doors. The electric cooker and the kitchen sink are additional optional elements.

Ремонт в новой квартире: сделать или заплатить?

Apartments in handed new-buildings with a fine finish especially popular among the category buyers, which is not an alternative accommodation option at the time of repair. Increasingly about private apartment began to think of numerous tenants of residential property. For example, the monthly cost of renting an apartment in the city of Yekaterinburg can be equal to the monthly payment on the mortgage, if we consider the sleeping areas and the nearest suburbs. People began to understand that it is cheaper to pay for their own housing, rather than for someone else.

Ремонт в новой квартире: сделать или заплатить?

Rough finish

Rough finish will suit those buyers who can afford a temporary residence to another living area. The main purpose of a rough finish to remove the main irregularities of the walls and to prepare the area for further repairs. When a rough finish, the apartment is made screed floor, aligned walls, heating and water supply, as well as double-glazed Windows and front door. It is at this stage it is necessary to show design skills and to decide where to set the interior walls, where to hold the wiring, how to place the bathtub and the sink. If this is not done on time, have subsequently breaking the tile, or stroebe wallpapered walls for transferring pipe or wire. Wanting to do things his own way waiting for time-consuming construction work, which, moreover, require considerable financial investment.

Ремонт в новой квартире: сделать или заплатить?

Finishing can be done with your hands or to invite experts. If in the first case, you only pay for the materials, the second will also have to pay the craftsmen work. Repair companies usually offer a free preliminary visit to your house for measurement and budgeting. The cost of finishing will depend on the area of the premises, quality of materials and urgency of work. Decide on a point of order, what is the cost of different types of finishing works in the city of Yekaterinburg in April 2016.


One of the options budget ceiling finish — painting, price from 200 rubles per square meter. Installation of suspended flow is an average of 200 rubles per square meter, and a suspended ceiling will cost twice the price — 400 rubles per square meter.


For starters, you need to prepare the walls to make putty price from 100 rubles per square meter. After that, they can be painted (from 100 rubles per square metre) or Wallpaper (from 100 rubles per square meter).


Laying laminate is from 150 rubles per square meter of linoleum — from 150 rubles, parquet Board — from 400 rubles.

Tile work

Traditionally, tile is laid in the bathroom and the kitchen, but in a modern interior it can also be found in the bathroom, in the hallway, on the balcony or on the balcony. The average cost of tile work is from 400 rubles per square meter.

Heating and plumbing

Installing plumbing is considered one of the final stages of repair: faucets, sink, toilet, bath or shower appear in the apartment after the walls. Such works are estimated to average 500 rubles for each subject.

Electrical equipment

One final moment of construction works — installation of electrical equipment. Installation of outlet or switch will cost about 100 rubles apiece.

Interior doors

Installation of interior doors symbolizes the end of the repair. Give the master for 100 rubles for each door — and I can celebrate the housewarming.

In the end, if you count at the lowest prices, fine finish apartments with an area of 40 square meters will cost about 45-50 thousand rubles. But it’s just work, not counting the cost of materials. This is why many buyers select apartments with ready finishing. The difference in price between the apartments without finishing and “turnkey” can be found on the portal Вестум.RU.

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