Рене Зеллвегер рассказала о перерыве в карьере

In 2010, the Oscar-winning star Renee Zellweger disappeared from big screens, and six years never appeared. 50-year-old star was the guest of the new issue of Town & Country, in which he spoke about serious moral exhaustion and a long break.

Рене Зеллвегер рассказала о перерыве в карьере

It took six years for the actress, to find a balance in life. “Now I know that the most important is caring for yourself. Before, I did not understand, even could not imagine that exists such option. Now taking care of yourself a priority. Acting career should not harm my health and my life,” shared Renee.

To return to a career of Rene decided not abruptly, but gradually. The actress is gaining momentum and very soon you can see two projects with her participation — series “What if” (What/If) and the musical drama “Judy” (Judy).

“What if” series — the anthology-style neonoir, all the episodes that are linked together through the main character performed by Zellweger. For the actress, by the way, this is the first TV show — she previously starred only in feature films. “Participation in this project was a surprise to me. Interesting experience. Somewhere I feel not very comfortable, but still I was wondering”.

“Judy” — a musical. In it Renee turned into a Hollywood star Judy garland. The film tells about the artist concerts in London in 1968, which took place shortly before her death.

On the mental state of the stars was influenced by the negative user reviews about it plastic. In 2016, Renee commented on the rumors. “The tabloids profit from the scandal, they use false arguments, which subsequently spoil people’s lives. It’s a stupid game ― I don’t see the point and will not comment on it,” writes Renee. “Write this to be fair to myself, to tell the truth about my life and what I care about how the tabloids are quietly moving from speculation to truth. Not so important tabloid story about my plastics, but it is the catalyst for news stories about pressure on the age and appearance of women,” says the actress. “It’s no secret that woman have historically valued only by external parameters. Over time, recognized the importance of women’s participation in determining the success of companies, and now it seems really obvious. However, these base articles every day speak negatively about women. Too skinny, too fat, indicate the age, she was better with dark color hair, she has cellulite, has made a facelift, balding, fat belly, or pregnant…”

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