Рене Зеллвегер готовится к свадьбе
The actress decided to confine the ceremony.

Renee Zellweger c musician Doyle Bramhall

Photo: Instagram.com

Renee Zellweger again
was going to get married. The actress admitted to her friend that already is planning its
wedding with her boyfriend, musician Doyle Bramhall. Moreover, according to Zellweger,
this time she’s going to have a very small ceremony — maybe without
guests, just for the two of them.

As told 48-year-old Zellweger, she left
so unpleasant impressions from her only marriage with
country singer Kenny chesney, which was annulled only through 4 months after
the wedding that she doesn’t want nothing to remind her first marriage.
So there can be no speech nor luxurious appointment or on a “sea” of colors (in
last time the house where she got married, and was decorated with 40 thousand of roses)…

As for the present groom of the actress —
there are Bramhall, he also dreams about the wedding “a big way”. Besides, Doyle in
currently very busy — he’s doing the tour. So
Renee suggested option — quickly and without fuss to get married in Las Vegas — it seems he, too, is very attractive.

Recall that that novel
Renee and Doyle began in 2012. Although, as said at the time
actress, she became acquainted with Bramhall in the 1990s. However, their love story
“spun” until many years later when they accidentally “collided” with
party with friends in Los Angeles. And between Rene has happened a couple
novels with her colleagues in the film — Bradley Cooper
and Jim Carrey, and
even with rocker Jack white.