Рене Зеллвегер: не ваше дело, делала ли я пластику

“Bridget Jones” so tired of rumors, I decided to comment on them, and time to outdo all the gossip.

More recently, discussed the column 47-year-old star of “Friends” Jennifer aniston. The actress is so tired of the rumors about his interesting position, she betrayed the whole column, saying “a woman can be full happy without a child and husband” (read more HERE).

And it seems that not only spawned the rapid discussie on the Internet, but also inspired colleagues to write about their everyday concerns. This time thoughts shared actress Renee Zellweger, she is well – known all over the world “Bridget Jones”. Star for the umpteenth time told she was not doing any sculpture. And just grown old…

“In October 2014, the tabloids said that I probably had surgery on the eyelids. I can’t imagine that those who trade in false scandals for the sake of profit, have a sense of self-worth. I thought these articles are stupid and have no values, so saw no reason to comment. But now I have to say, though it is not your business. I didn’t do anything to change the face and did surgery on eyes. For anybody not a secret that the appearance of women changes with age,” – said the actress on the pages of The Huffington Post.

In addition, the actress was indignant why women can be evaluated only from the outside, but the inner world, as trivial as it may sound, nobody cares.

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“Too skinny, too fat, underline, age, color of hair, cellulite on thighs, scandals with face lift, baldness, fat belly, ugly feet, ugly shoes, ugly smile, ugly hands, ugly dress, ugly laughter and so on. These headers are in the nature of determining human values? Is this acceptable? Can we talk about how to stop focus on appearance, to humiliate the most people, creating an immoral compass? Maybe we should talk more about the real social problems in society, thinking how to solve them?” – she wrote.

It should be noted that the fans almost unanimously supported Zellweger. Moreover, he noted that now the actress now looks great.

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