Рене Зеллвегер больше не будет толстеть
The actress has decided to stop the experiments on their appearance.

Renee Zellweger

Photo: Splash News/East news

the movie series about a charming plump Bridget was a bit disappointed when
this time, in the new film “Child of Bridget Jones”, which released
in September of this year, their favorite
the heroine is slim. But Renee Zellweger explained that the decision was
accepted not because she wanted more time to spoil her figure, and quite
for a different reason.

Turns Out Renee
were ready to fat, but dissuaded her film Director Sharon Maguire.

“We will try to show the story of how
Bridget reached your ideal weight, but her life has not been a
perfect as she dreamed. After all, we often think that if our lives something
wrong and can we fix it, we become absolutely happy. And
, one solved problem only takes the other…” — explained
Maguire. And after hearing the Director, Renee agreed with Sharon and canceled his
developed a plan of weight gain…

by the way, about the dedication of Renee Zellweger in Hollywood stories.
What are the only experiments on their appearance is not conducted, the actress for the sake of their
role! She twice fat for my favorite character — Bridget Jones. For the first time for the film
“The diary of Bridget Jones” in 2001 by 13 kilograms, and
second to its sequel in 2004 — about 10 pounds. And
between them lose weight 15
kilos to star in the musical “Chicago.” Getting rid of
excess weight, Renee was starving. And when he gained weight for Bridget — most
was afraid during the filming of her not to lose weight! And through the power eat a lot of sandwiches
peanut butter, pizza and ice cream…

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