Рандеву Николь Кузнецовой обернулось серьезными неприятностями Psychic complained the fans in the social network. Nicole Kuznetsova had to postpone a romantic stroll, to solve the problem. Medium went to St. Petersburg together with her lover to celebrate his birthday.

      Finalist of the 16th season of the popular TV program “Battle of psychics” Nicole officer Kuznetsov celebrated his birthday. The witch turned 31. In order to mark the gala date Nicole along with her lover, Alexander by Sudakovym went to a romantic trip in Saint Petersburg. However, the very next day on arrival to the Northern capital Kuznetsova faced with troubles which broke all the plans of the psychic.

      “In cloudy St. Petersburg we evacuated the car. Instead of walking around the city will help out our Mishan. It’s a shame, of course, but nothing!” complained Nicole to his fans.

      Fans expressed their sympathy about the incident, but wished that it did not sadden her romantic trip.

      Judging by the hashtag, Nicole is not happy to celebrate your birthday. Each photo, the medium was signed with the words “old age”, “babuska”, apparently inviting compliments. The fans decided to support the psychic and said that she looks beautiful.

      “What, you’re still a young girl. Luck of the sea and the health of the ocean!”, “Happy birthday to you, Nicole! Don’t even know what to wish for. You have everything! The twins, beloved husband! Wish to increase and strengthen your gift, so that you comprehend that, maybe, dream to comprehend! Decorate yourself this world! And not a word about the grandmother, an old woman,” “Oh, Yes, there is a 31 maximum of 20. The passport nonsense is written. The main age that how you feel and look. And you look stunning,” wrote fans in the comments.

      Despite the fact that many admire the appearance and beauty of Nicole, she understands how important it is to constantly monitor themselves and stay in shape. The medium was recognized that there was need to work on yourself to be attractive.

      The star of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsov did not recognize the whole family

      “Love yourself, cultivate yourself, work on their weaknesses. And let go of the thought for the lazy: “love me for who I am” – figushki! If I were the same as in the photo, my favorite Alexander would have passed! Must be able to recognize its flaws and work on them! I say this not as a psychic and a witch, and as a woman,” – said Kuznetsov.

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