Renata Litvinova Zemfira profit from

Рената Литвинова наживается на Земфире

Talented actress and Director Renata Litvinova proposed to his girlfriend Zemfira to write music for the play “Northern wind” which will show the viewer at the end of June. Litvinov, however, clearly underestimated the amount of the fee for Zemfira. Moreover, the workload on the production is enormous.

Less than a month the audience will see on stage of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov’s play of Renata Litvinova, “the North wind”. It’s the most anticipated premiere of the season. Statement will tell about romantic and sexual relationships between two women. Litvinova personally rehearsing your performance. She wrote of its role especially for her adored Actresses Yana Sekste and Sofya Zaika.
Of course, trust music productions Renata could only eccentric Zemfira, who deeply feels the scenario of his girlfriend. Zemfira will need to accompany the music production which is an hour and a half.
Litvinov announced and the amount of the fee, which will get a popular singer — 160 thousand rubles. This amount was amused and amazed all artists. They say that the fee is obscenely small considering how much of Zemfira have to do.
Composer Vladimir Martynov, who often writes music for performances, commented on the payment Zemfira very sharply. He stated that this amount as a minimum, I suggest that beginners in the average performances. Although, according to him, for the money nobody wants to work, even a novice composer. Martynov suggested that Zemfira and Renata agreed among themselves on the fee and it sounds such a small amount. But the composer believes that all work must be properly paid.
Now there are no quotations in writing music for performances, as it was in Soviet times. It all depends on the level of professionalism of the composer and his status. But there is a fee that you can imagine. For level Zemfira this figure starts from 500 thousand rubles.
We will remind, Zemfira and Renata Litvinova connects long-term cooperation and personal relations. That women who live together are a couple, no longer a secret.
The work of this Duo delight of all. Zemfira and Renata made a few joint clips, soundtrack for the film “the Last tale Rita” and the film “Green theatre in Zemfira”.