Renata Litvinova will punish journalists for rumors of marriage with Zemfira

Рената Литвинова накажет журналистов за слухи о свадьбе с Земфирой The actress has not confirmed the information about the nuptials with longtime close friend. Moreover, as has been said by the representative of Renata Litvinova, she intends to sue the authors of false speculation about her personal life.
Рената Литвинова накажет журналистов за слухи о свадьбе с Земфирой

In the media discuss the rumors that the Director and actress Renata Litvinova allegedly combined knot with longtime girlfriend, singer Zemfira. According to some reports, the secret ceremony supposedly took place in Stockholm, where in 2009 passed a law legalizing same-sex marriage.

Then, as argued in the Network, Zemfira and Renata went on a honeymoon. During a joint visit by the celebrity reportedly visited Tallinn. Information about change of the marital status of stars has provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Users of social networks began to congratulate Litvinova and Zemfira with this important event.

Until recently, celebrities have chosen to refrain from making any comments about the secret wedding. However, the noise that erupted in the Network did not abate for several days. Journalists contacted by a representative of Renata Litvinova, who has denied speculation of the public. According to a source close to actress and Director, she is outraged by the slander publicised on the Internet. It is reported that Litvinov is set very seriously and does not exclude that it will sue trying to stop the spread of false information.

“Renata is very sad that such false articles appear in the media, she has a teenage daughter… She would look for a way to punish the writers for slander”, – said the representative of the stars.
Рената Литвинова накажет журналистов за слухи о свадьбе с Земфирой

Recall that in the summer Renata Litvinova gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, in which he shared his creative plans and talked about the relationship with Zemfira. The famous singer wrote the music for a new show girlfriend “North wind”. In the work on the production also participated gosh Rubchinskiy and Roman Litvinov known as Mujuice.

Renata Litvinova made his debut in front of Alla Pugacheva

Рената Литвинова накажет журналистов за слухи о свадьбе с Земфирой“North wind” is my directorial debut in the theater. This is my first piece where I gathered my colleagues: actors, musicians, and artists. And together we made a play about the North, death and love – each of its” – shared Renata.

During the conversation with Sobchak Litvinov said that he admires the talent Zemfira. Actress and Director called the singer his companion and noted that they have been through a lot. The cooperation of the celebrities lasts for several years. To the fruits of their collaboration include the clips, the soundtrack to the film “the Last tale Rita” and the picture of the “Green theatre in Zemfira”.

Earlier media have repeatedly appeared rumors about the alleged secret marriage ceremony Zemfira and Renata Litvinova, since 2009, said RIA Novosti.