Рената Литвинова удивила знаменитого режиссера
The actress showed in his rider only one requirement.

Рената Литвинова удивила знаменитого режиссера

In the film “the Border. Taiga novel”. 2000

Photo: Anatoly Aswegen

Alexander Mitta was first told that the audience loved the series “the Border. Taiga novel” might not be — at the time the script is not much of minoritatii the First channel.

“But luckily for me it read Konstantin Ernst, recalls the famous film Director and screenwriter. And then said, “Shoot!” In
the pattern worked amazing artists. Alexei Guskov stunningly revealed.
Beautiful Marat Basharov, Andrey Panin and Misha Efremov, which in its
talent is not inferior to an outstanding father… the Female part of the wonderful Olga
Budina, Lena Panova and Renata Litvinova.

Before this film Litvinova played only in arousnig projects, and it was her first “national” role. Filming Renata was surprised by Alexander MITT.

“This, despite the fact
the writer did not intervene — did not change a word of that
we wrote with Zoe Curls, ” he says. — And as a result her character Albina turned out to be voluminous and dramatic. It was after this
the role of Renata loved and learned audiences throughout the country.”

MITT remembers that the living conditions on the set were all about the same: “Zoe Curls brother was a commander at the airport, and he helped
we find a deserted, disbanded the airfield in the Bryansk forests. The premises were empty, and we built
scenery. Our life got this way: the roof
over your head and bed. But none of the artists are no requirements not put all
resigned to the fact that there are. It is now all they are the stars, all the riders from
exotic requirements. And then even Renata Litvinova was content
small. The only privileges which it enjoyed, — the artist
costumes, so it is everywhere divinely dressed. All the other clothes were from the General
the wardrobe…”

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Alexander Mitta with Elena Panova and Michael Efremov on the film “Border. Taiga novel”

Photo: Anatoly Aswegen