Renata Litvinova was struck by the French street way

Рената Литвинова поразила французов уличным образом The Russian star does not hesitate to look natural. The Director posted a photo from a walk through Paris with his dog. It Renata appeared without the perfect styling, in sneakers and in the wider cardigan.

      Рената Литвинова поразила французов уличным образом

      Renata Litvinova is one of the most stylish stars of the Russian show-business. No matter what outfit does not appear the Director, she is admired by fans. She is now with her daughter and the dog is in Paris. 49-year-old Renata showed in his microblog that it was not always dress up in elegant outfits. On a walk with the dog, she went in the way, it is not like her evening dresses.

      In the picture posted in Instagram star red carpet appeared without makeup and styling. Renata stands near the container for collection and further processing of clothes, dressed in comfortable sneakers, an oversized cardigan and slip dress with a simple pattern.

      It would seem that in General, all of these things seem very simple and insignificant, but to Renate, they begin to look Royal. Fans praised Litvinov.

      “So beautiful, how rare this beauty can be seen in the life,” “Renata, you are beautiful! Especially hair, they are natural and unique!”, “Goddess how I fell in love” – as if the scenes from this film. Somehow immediately remembered”, “Renata is a beautiful woman with incredible worlds in his head” – such a pleasant word left users of the social network.

      The day before, the actress and the Director demonstrated how she and her daughter Ulyana time. Mother and daughter sitting in a cafe and something enthusiastically talking. Juliana knows how to dress as well as Renata.

      Litvinov used to Paris, where she spends a lot of time. Fashion capital was attracted by the creative nature of his architectural, history, narrow streets. In Paris she wants to learn or just enjoy life, go with the truck to the markets, shops, buy wine, chat in cafe, go to the castles, run around to parties, hang out at the weekend at home, not answer the phone, which, according to her, distract from the main thing – life.

      However, Litvinov of Russia never forgets and often returns home to visit an important event. At the end of may she will take part in the charity race organized by the Fund “Naked heart”, which will be held in Moscow.

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