Renata Litvinova showed what it looks like in everyday life

Рената Литвинова показала, как выглядит в повседневной жизни
49-year-old actress spends time with her daughter in Paris.

Рената Литвинова показала, как выглядит в повседневной жизни

Renata Litvinova

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall Instagram Renata Litvinova

Elegant display
images of Renata Litvina cannot fail to delight her fans. The actress often
pleases audiences for his appearances with the same red lipstick on my lips and exquisite costumes. And here’s how 49-year-old Renata looks for
outside of film sets, very little is known. Recently Litvinova chose
to lift the veil of secrecy and showed the form in which loves to walk the streets

In his microblog Renata
published a picture without makeup and in casual clothes. It turns out that the actress
loves to give your skin a break from cosmetics and not at all shy about his
appearance. From clothes to Litvinova was comfortable cardigan and dress with
a simple pattern. And as shoes for walking around Paris, Renata chose comfortable sneakers. However, even in this form, the 49-year-old Litvinov looked just
amazing and once again I proved that I could compete with young
Russian Actresses.

By the way, the day before
Litvinov showed a picture of his grown daughter, Uliana. Interestingly, Juliana,
possessing impeccable taste, to get her inheritance from her mother, however, is dressed differently. The clothing style of the girl who was known as an expert in youth
fashion, dramatically different from the classical outfits mom. Lately girl
began to appear more frequently in the company of Renata. By the way, recently it became known that
together they are preparing for a charity marathon — Running hearts, which
will be held in Moscow on may 29. Recall, this event is annually organized by the Fund
The naked heart Foundation headed by Natalia Vodianova.

Renata Litvinova with her daughter Uliana

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall Instagram Renata Litvinova

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