Рената Литвинова шокировала фанатов новым имиджем
The actress changed her usual elegant style in clothes.

Renata Litvinova

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall Instagram Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova has published in his microblog a picture in which appeared in a very unusual manner. The actress, who for a long time been famous for its consistently elegant and feminine outfits, suddenly decided they “change”. Renata appeared before the fans in the spacious coat-bomber jacket brown color. Your new image it complemented rings with stones, bright green nail Polish and a complete lack of makeup.

Fans Litvinova responded to the new style of the actress is not unique. Many thought that she in any clothes and manages to look flawless, however, there were those who remained unhappy with the appearance of the actress. “This subway is not exactly going to know.” — joked in the comments of detractors.

By the way, Renata is not the first time for the last time appeared in public without his purple lipstick on his lips and feminine dresses. Not so long ago Litvinova showed how she dresses for walks through Paris, which now lives and studies her daughter Juliana. It is possible that life in France is as cool effect on the public image of Renata. By the way, the heiress of the famous actress chose not to copy my mother’s classic style. Girl goes his own way and obviously doing well in this business. Juliana is already a recognized expert in matters of “street” fashion.

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