Renata Litvinova said that will not leave her daughter an inheritance

Рената Литвинова заявила, что не оставит дочери наследства

Renata Litvinova in the upbringing of children is similar to that of sting and bill gates. The actress and the Director admitted that he wants to raise his daughter a worthy member of society, and therefore barred her favorite child was in the so-called “Golden youth” or became a major.

Renata I’m sure that children need the freedom to self-expression and development, and they needed the goal to which they aspired: “I think that we should not keep their children under their skirt, to control them. First, a happy childhood, but then you have somewhere to send them, to temper. But this is my theory. Children should be persistent, should not hide behind your backs”.

Litvinov admitted that he decided not to leave her daughter Ulyana inheritance in the form of some sums of money, because she wants to get her child has achieved something himself: “I even said Ulyana (I want to stress) that I’m not going to leave any inheritance. Well, you will have the education, my dresses, my these things-Dryukov. But all the money you’ll earn. Because it’s wrong, when you die, and they stay with your money. This is wrong! And why should they continue to live, to achieve something? It’s evil. It is an absolute evil. So to help those who need. Or drink it all.”

By the way, Litvinova believes that the best example of hard work for her daughter is she. Renata – working mom threw themselves at the time when the child was born. She continued to work to now her daughter were proud of it: “I beg you, never need to throw yourself. They will not respect you if you’re a nobody, just a woman-a housewife. You have to show by example how to live, how to work, how you never have time. And they’ll respect you. My mother always worked, and I’m always infinitely respected. It’s wrong to tell children that you live for them. You must live for yourself. Children is an arrow that you released to the world. And what’s her destiny? This is your arrow, which you can’t answer. Naturally, you should lay in her own principles. But you should not put your life on the care of the child’s life. This is a big lie. You should also do something in this life! Closeness with children occurs when there is spiritual. You can live in one apartment and the child will not communicate with you, and you can live at a distance and it will tell you everything!”