Renata Litvinova made his debut in front of Alla Pugacheva

Рената Литвинова дебютировала перед Аллой Пугачевой The diva attended the premiere of actress and Director. Renata Litvinova presented the first theatrical production. Together with Alla Pugacheva in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre you can see Valentina and Marina Yudashkina. They left the warm review of “North wind” in social networks.

In the Chekhov Moscow art theater premiere performance of “North wind” Renata Litvinova. The star acted as a script writer and Director of the play, which is long before the premiere, became one of the most talked-about events of the theatrical season.

The main roles in the play were performed Raisa Maksimova, Eugene Perevalov, Valentina Ivanova, Rimma Korosteleva, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Sophia Ernst is Renata Litvinova. The costume became a fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy.

“North wind” is my directorial debut in the theater. This is my first piece where I gathered my colleagues: actors, musicians, and artists. And together we made a play about the North, death and love – each about your,” – said Litvinov.

Among the first spectators of the performances of famous actress and Director were Alla Pugacheva, as well as Valentin and Marina Yudashkin. Celebrities praised the efforts Litvinova and her colleagues. In his wife well-known fashion designer was photographed, made into a memorable evening. To Diva chose the clothes black. The artist complements his image of a massive necklace and dark glasses in an unusual setting.

“First, the audience at the premiere of Renata Litvinova, “the North wind” the theatre. Bravo,” shared Marina Yudashkin in one of the social networks.

Fans of Alla found that it looks amazing. Considered by many to be a Diva in great form. “They’re so cute”, “Beautiful pictures”, “Great”, “Legend”, “keep it up”, “Wonderful”, “Super”, – commented the users of social networks.

Meanwhile, many spectators also praised the statement of Renata Litvinova. They wrote reviews of the play on social networks. “Today I experienced flying! Art gets into you when there is emotion, when it raises above the ground! Thanks for the energy, talent and dedication great artists of the play “Northern wind”! A miracle has happened!” – said one of them.

In turn, the actors involved in the production, thanked the public for their kind words and attention. “Dear viewers, thank you for the flowers, applause, and shining eyes! All of this is incredibly valuable! I hope you’re happy, and you too,” shared Sophia Ernst.

We will add that the genre of performance labeled as “real fantasy”. The music for the production of Renata Litvinova wrote her old friend Zemfira, and as a sound designer made fashionable DJ and producer Roman Litvinov also known as Mujuice. Save on Renata Litvinova Zemfira