Renata Litvinova gave three million for a study of the heiress

Рената Литвинова отдала три миллиона за учебу наследницы The Director’s daughter to debut in a foreign film. Ulyana is studying in London at the acting faculty. Surrounded by family say that the teenager has no problem with the English language, she is fluent. Litvinov interested in her life and gives advice.
Рената Литвинова отдала три миллиона за учебу наследницы

The only daughter of actress 16 years boasts shots of six Russian films. Uliana but this was not enough, so she decided to conquer England.

“In the beginning of the year she graduated from high school Ecole Jeannine Manuel in Paris – say “StarHit” surrounded by celebrities. – And then he applied to one of the best institutions in the UK – the decision-add house. They teach to designers, singers, Directors. But the most popular faculty – acting. To him Juliana did. With language it is easy, in addition to French, she has a brilliant knowledge of English. Recently I was together with my classmates start shooting the first film. Each group could use this Studio for their work. Renata Litvinova choice daughter’s support, she is always ready to help if questions arise”.

“Mother Uliana constantly in touch with her, says “StarHit” Dmitry, a family friend. Renata wondered how are the shooting days, did you learn something new daughter. She did not regret that he gave Ulyu in this prestigious private school. Education here is worth more than 3 million rubles per year. I think the daughter’s mother will not fail, and we don’t just hear about all the time?”.

Recall that Juliana was the Tatler debutante ball this year. From early years my mother introduced the girl to a secular life. Litvinov raised by a single heir. However, the Director almost does not communicate with other loved ones. Renata Litvinova struck out the life of brother and sisters

“There is one distant relative who made up the genealogy of her family – and paid special attention to her father’s side, told historian Marat Safarov. – Because Murat Vergasov a descendant of an old noble family from the city of Kasimov, Ryazan province. Renata is very proud of this. The tree gave her personally, it still kept the actress”.