Рената Литвинова исключает сексуальные домогательства в свой адрес The actress believes that it is impossible because of her age. Renata Litvinova remembered that she had in life unpleasant incident. However, the Director understands this problem of disturbing behavior must be eradicated.

Recently actress are increasingly talking about sexual harassment during their work. The scandal erupted after it was revealed – Hollywood Director Harvey Weinstein has repeatedly used his position and promised the actress the role in exchange for sex.

Renata Litvinova also did not hide that once and she propositioned, but she took it not more like a joke. Moreover, the celebrity believes that it is outside the risk zone.

“That idea, even if I refused someone, I assure you, it seems to me that I didn’t even have a chance with someone like this to sleep, to go out there to take off. If someone was molested, I assure you, it wasn’t no violence. Of course, I know of cases where Directors use their position and can stick to you. And this also happens in my life, but it’s funny in my case. But, Lord, I’m an adult, if I don’t want, with me nothing can be done,” admitted Litvinov.

Renata is also confident that she is now at that age, when few dare approach her with such a proposal. She is now 50 years old and many people say that she looks great. Moreover, the Director does not strive to seem younger than his years and to go under the knife of surgeons. Erotic photos of Renata Litvinova unveiled 20 years later

“Still it is associated with the fact that my career was at stake and I, for example, raped or forced. But I wouldn’t want to do that to any helpless girl molested. I, for instance, this seasoned lady, try me Marina. And then, you know, maybe to me no one else and will not stick at my age, I also realize. So I made something to do, especially for such a terrible man like Weinstein, it’s impossible! He’s so terrible, I think, so many do not drink”, – quotes the actress edition WMJ.