Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают вместе на яхте Renata Litvinova and Zemfira spend time on a luxury yacht. Girlfriend rest in Saint-Petersburg where with enthusiasm study the sea. Fans with interest the voyage stars.
Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают вместе на яхте

Zemfira and Renata Litvinova not give a joint interview, don’t go on a talk show, not comment on his personal life. But sometimes quite active in social media, according to which they do not part.

Recently, a friend was in St. Petersburg. In the Northern capital brought them to work — Zemfira performed at the ice Palace. But all work and no play.

Litvinov and Ramazanova found the time to vacation, rented a luxury yacht, took the champagne and went for a river cruise to Peterhof. The company of the women was a friend of Renata Natalia.

And the captain of the ship, pleasure craft, Gleb Tkachenko, immediately said dear guests on Instagram.

“It’s becoming a good tradition, to make positive, talented, ethereal Renata Litvinova and Zemfira we have on Board,” wrote the captain.
Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают вместе на яхте

Rent the little boats starts from 7 thousand rubles per hour, but the boat swept Renata and Zemfira will cost more — not less 30 thousand.

Now Zemfira really need a vacation. The singer, who does not often indulge their fans with powerful live performances and gave several concerts in a row. So, on July 12, she played his set in the framework of the 2018 FIFA Fan Fest, the festival dedicated to the world Cup. The actress suddenly from the scene admitted that, in fact, became a football fan because watching all the matches of the Championship.

“A whole month I lived in the holiday! Saint Petersburg was one of the cities which hosted these matches. I read all of the information that came out about this championship. And according to surveys of domestic and foreign tourists in the first place beauty took who? Saint-Petersburg! In General, it was expected. You rock! It was a great summer,” – said Zemfira.
Рената Литвинова и Земфира отдыхают вместе на яхте

Free time Zemfira almost always prefers to Litvinova. Previously, she has repeatedly stated that he has friends. According to the artist, she has only one close person — Renata, and she is enough.

Fans are delighted at the spiritual bond that exists between the stars. According to them, that Litvinov often acts as a Muse for Zemfira.