Renat Ibragimov will become a father for the ninth time!

Ренат Ибрагимов станет отцом в девятый раз!
Famous singer goes on the record.

Ренат Ибрагимов станет отцом в девятый раз!

Renat Ibragimov with his wife and daughter

Photo: Laila Matar

Known baritone, celebrated in November, the 70th anniversary, literally
shocked guests “Christmas party”, appearing at the event
together with his wife Svetlana Minnekhanova demonstrated
rounded belly. It seems that the father goes on the record in this
year he can become a father for the ninth time.

His famous song
“Love it” 70-year-old singer Renat Ibragimov sang in an unusual
style and Jazz Funk. “Christmas party” which passed in
the festival Golden Jazz, people’s artist of the RSFSR was among the honored
guests. The appearance on the scene of the owner of one of the best voices in the world
aroused a storm of applause.

The singer shared that preparing for an in
your life event – the anniversary concert, which will take place on January 31
on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. In this day Ibrahimov
promised to do their best musical work, which gave
his audience for 50 years of his career.

belly wife Ibragimova and her free outfit pushed the guests of the evening
to congratulate the artist and another important event in his life soon
a new addition to the family. The couple happily accepted congratulations.
Ibragimov literally glowed with happiness.
In his recent
interview with Renat Ibragimov admitted that he dreams about another baby.
Father is a hero, as called by colleagues of a popular artist, believes that the meaning of
the life of any man in the extension of the family. From the first marriage Ibragimova
is the son of the Sultan, living in Kazakhstan, the second — three daughters Hope,
Faith and Aya. In the third marriage he had three daughters Asylbek, Aisha,
Maryam and one son Atilla.

“The number of children indicates
the consistency of men — said Renat Ibragimov. — It seems to me, than
more family, the better. Modern people do not want to deal with
concerns about children. This approach seems not only selfish, but
a dead-end. If it goes on like this, we will degenerate. I even
it is strange that someone does not want to have as many children as possible”.

the Soviet period all the women of the Soviet Union were in love with hot
temperamental a handsome Tartar, the foreign press called Ibragimova
“Russian Pavarotti”.

Recall Ibragimov older than his young wife
40 years. However, this difference in age of spouses is not a problem, and
every time the actor jokes: “she’s young, and I’m still young.”

honestly, we have in mind — Light, — explains Renat Ibragimov. —
Oddly enough, but the passport is older than I, and behavior.
Perhaps the men are left to older children, and girls at a young
the children possess some wisdom that helps them in life.
Svetlana responds to my hot character with a huge patience
helps to keep the atmosphere in the house. Also helps us a lot faith and
the ceremony of Nikah, it can be made in the mosque spouses at least every year.
Nikah clean energy, helps to de-stress, misunderstanding that
anyway can occur in any family. Plus a Marriage that
it can be read at least every year, no harm, and will only

Married with Svetlana Ibragimova Minnekhanova have already have three children.
all our children are very wanted and waited for, — says the artist. — While I
still young, it is necessary to give birth. I hope that Allah will be merciful to us and send
another son. I’m with the kids and feel myself younger. You can with them
dance, play, sing them a song of my repertoire that they are very
like, messing and fooling around”.

Renat Ibragimov

Photo: Laila Matar

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