Ренат Давлетьяров водил Женю Малахову на смотрины перед свадьбой The actress admitted that she was uncomfortable in the company of eminent persons. Renat Davletyarov introduced Zhenya Malakhov with friends before you marry her. So the Director gave her to understand the seriousness of the commitment.

      Ренат Давлетьяров водил Женю Малахову на смотрины перед свадьбой

      Renat Davletyarov and Wife Malakhov married for more than two years. 54-year-old Director and 27-year-old actress has found happiness not so long ago, fate brought them together in the field of cinema. Ex-participant of group “Reflex” has decided to dive into acting and enrolled at the VGIK. Renowned filmmakers taught on the course Eugene. He immediately noticed the budding young actress.

      Today Renat and Eugene are a harmonious pair that complement each other. Combines the creative interests allows spouses to live on the same wavelength. Although, in recognition of Malakhova at the beginning of the relationship she had to endure awkward moments when the future husband introduced her into the circle of his acquaintances, composed mainly of eminent persons with considerable life experience and well-deserved position in society.

      “Renat we met at VGIK, he was the artistic Director of the creative workshop. In the first week of the relationship he became (as the bride) to drive me to visit my friends. Today you are visiting Leonid Yarmolnik, and tomorrow in the backstage of the theater “Contemporary” at the same table with Galina Volchek. I felt a little uncomfortable, but it only showed his serious intentions. And six months later (in 2014) he proposed to me. How? It’s our secret,” – says Malakhov.

      We will remind, in June, came to the big screen the new film Davletyarova “Pure art”, in which one of the roles was played by his young wife. Interestingly, a few days before filming, the leading lady broke her leg. The environment the Director was prompted to take on this role Eugene, however, he abandoned this venture, and held a casting on a common basis. Malakhova got a secondary character.

      Renat Davletyarov refuses to help his wife around the house

      “We Renat sometimes work on projects together. And it’s horrible. At home and at work — it’s completely two different people. He knows me too well, how much more I can do, how I’m in shape or not. Any actress can cheat him, because he doesn’t know her as well as me. But to me it does not make concessions. Of course, we are each other learn something. I now know how to firmly say “no” to people. Namely Renat helped me to learn this. And, as you say all friends, I became softer, calmer,” says the actress in an interview with “Peopletalk”.

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