Removed from the flight: we learned the details of the incident with Aleksandr Baluev

Снят с рейса: стали известны подробности инцидента с Александром Балуевым
The Director told about the incident at the airport.

Aleksandr Baluev


Late last night it became known that Aleksandr Baluev was removed from the flight Kaliningrad-Moscow. Representatives of airport confirmed this information, but the details of the incident did not spread. It was stated that the actor was registered, and was removed from the flight in accordance with the rules of the air: for such solutions meet the transport police and, in this particular case, representatives of the airline UTair.

Later the situation became rumors: in a press there were messages that Baluev was allegedly was drunk — so he was not allowed to Board the plane. Still later, there were hints that Alexander could make a riot. In the Network appeared the actor, where he was allegedly captured in a state of intoxication.

However, after contacted the Director Balueva clear. According to Olga Matveichuk, Alexander was tired and “missed” your flight. In Kaliningrad, the artist arrived in the afternoon, as he was scheduled business meeting. And in the evening he had to return to Moscow.

“Alexander is very long time not to drink – more than a year. He is practically teetotal people. He can drink wine, for example, but some crazy openany was not”, — quotes the representative of Alexander “Star”. Any uproar or conflict with the police, according to the Director Balueva, was not. The same evening he changed his ticket the next day and in the evening he has scheduled a performance in the theater.