Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие “StarHit” gathered the first appearance of stars on the screen and remembered, as their path. Many artists, gained crazy popularity and have become true masters of domestic stage, began with participation in music competitions and various television shows.

      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      Not everyone knows this or that celebrity, having reviewed footage of their first appearances on the screen. “StarHit” decided to recall what we first saw Diva, the king of the pop scene, the main natural blond country and many others, who firmly settled in the starry Olympus and became part of this history of domestic show-business.

      Previously “StarHit” wrote about how he started his path other stars. For the first time on screen: what we saw Borodin, Sobchak, Nagiyev and others

      Alla Pugacheva

      For the first time a Diva has appeared on TV on 9 may 1967. She sang the song “Coming from the movie” in a live festive edition of the children’s program “Alarm clock”. Like many key moments in every person’s life, it happened completely by accident.

      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      Three days before the start of the telecast was all ready, except for one song. It was then that the members of the crew found a way out – to appeal to the young performer, “cool girl named Alla Pugacheva. It was held in the House record.

      “Having a soundtrack, I began feverishly to think how spectacular submit the song,” Recalled the Director of the program Andrey Zelenov. – Decorate military newsreels to make dosemki pre of Moscow, and maybe remove the “kromeshniki” veterans of the great Patriotic war? Workforce of the future, as we now say, the clip flashed in my imagination, but it was far from reality. Neither the time nor the camera crew I had, was just phonogram, the thin girl by the name of Alla, a half-empty old Studio on Shabolovka, with taut duty blue background and the TV cameras, ready to perform assigned me the task. But what could I tell them?.. Only one left-the only hope for the light! The sounds of the orchestral introduction, I see on the control monitor in the control room already, as a small figure in a narrow beam of light slowly begins to move on the camera…”

      It was one of the first appearances of 18 –year-old Alla Pugacheva on TV. Soon the young girl became famous throughout the Soviet Union.


      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      In the 80-ies, if an aspiring performer appeared on the air “Wider circle”, then the next morning he woke up famous. It happened with 18-year-old Philip Kirkorov. “My friend worked as an accompanist at the Gnesin’s College – the story of Olga Molchanov, the founder and head of the program, many times told the reporters – One calls and says, “Hey, I have a boy – handsome as Zakharov, even something similar to it”… I did not pay attention to it, after some time this babe began to snap off my phone. My mom tried to persuade me – such a good boy, come here, talk to. Once answered, and we agreed to meet. He appeared on the thirteenth floor of Ostankino television center. I will never forget – in a white suit, black hair, dazzling eyes in half of the face. I offered him to sit with him was just awkward to talk to – such a high. Philip later admitted that he was afraid to bruise ironed pants. It was the only suit from which it grew. He sang, played the piano, and I thought, something may happen”.

      The shooting of the program “Wider circle” in November 1985, Philip came in the same white suit and sang a Bulgarian song “Panari”.

      Marie Kirkorov: “Philip urgently need to get married!”


      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      In 13 years, Maxim saw on television the speech of Gennady Hazanova, he parodied the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. Galkin was inspired by what he saw and decided to make my version of the speech.

      Five years later, in 1994, Maxim went out on the stage of the Moscow variety Theatre and in the framework of the program “Debuts, debuts, debuts, he made parodies of Putin, Yeltsin and Zhirinovsky. The young comedian said the artistic Director Boris Brunow and invited in the cast of a Theater stage.

      In 1999, after a series of successful performances, to thwart a real storm of applause, Galkin went on a year and a half on tour with Mikhail Zadornov. About this time occurred his debut on television.

      “Maxim Galkin “Smehopanorama” – father’s house – admitted as-that Yevgeny Petrosyan, – That in this program he first appeared on television. That was before he chose other TV genres. He is now a popular TV presenter, singer, actor”.


      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      The singer’s debut on television took place on may 1, 1988, in the program “Wider circle”. Her appearance on the stage announced Semenova Ekaterina and Vyacheslav Malezhik, a TV presenter behind the scenes added: “With the spring song came to us by a student from Saratov Alla perfilova.

      Stylish in those days chemistry, flying a bright Trouser suit – now this pretty girl is quite difficult to recognize a real pop star Valeria, sings the song which now the whole country.

      Real success came to the singer three years later – in 1991 under the name Valeria she won the contest “Morning star”. Future celebrity took the stage and performed the song “Only time happens in life a meeting”. By the way, in the final she beat Sona Sargsyan ward Joseph Prigogine. Valeria: “Joseph shouted: all get divorced! Went to the registry office!”

      “I was so angry that when Leroux played on the radio, I was flipping through,” admitted the spouse of the singer many years later.

      Nikolay Baskov

      Вспоминаем дебюты мегазвезд: Пугачева, Галкин, Киркоров и другие

      The Golden voice of Russia first appeared on the TV channel RTR in 1997. 20-year-old Basque participated in the international contest of young performers of Russian romance “Romansiada”. The shooting of the final held the hall of columns in Moscow. To support Nicholas came Pope Victor Vladimirovich and Mama Elena. As now, the Basque was very elegant – took to the stage in a black tuxedo, white shirt and white tie.

      Already at that time he loved to play a joke on a serious question of the presenter: “there have Probably something has changed during the competition, with humor, replied: “Yes, it has changed – at the beginning of the competition I was 19 years old, and now I’m older, and I’m 20. When the contest started, I was in love with the song, and now it’s turned into a huge passion.”

      In the final, Nikolay Baskov got the II prize, giving the first place to the Hope Of the people.Two years later, in December 1999, Nikolay Baskov appeared again in the TV channel RTR, this time in the popular show “Musical ring”.


      After school, Maria Varum arrived in Moscow, tried to enter the theater Institute, but not passed the entrance exams. Say, then the girl summed up the Ukrainian dialect. Then the father, producer Yuri Varum took her to work in his Studio, the future star became a backing vocalist. For a short time she was able to gain experience from many celebrities thanks to the cooperation with them.

      In 1990, at the request of her father she recorded the song “Midnight cowboy”, which almost instantly became a hit. With this song, the singer debuted Varum in the program “Morning star”. Then she decided to take a pseudonym.

      The price of beauty: plastic surgeon about the victims, which are the stars

      “In my childhood, my grandmother-a Polish girl called me angel, then the angel. So when it’s time to go on stage, the question of choice was not: I was called Angelica. I just think that to go on stage with the name of the Holy virgin is wrong. Family, friends, acquaintances called Mary. Employees, colleagues — Angelica. I’m used to two names, for me they are equivalent.”

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