Released the last video of Lyudmila Gurchenko

Обнародовано последнее видео Людмилы Гурченко A close friend of the artist, the photographer, Aslan Akhmadov for several years filmed her with the camera of DVR in the car and on mobile phone. Previously, he never showed exclusive footage with the participation of Lyudmila Markovna.
Обнародовано последнее видео Людмилы Гурченко

The Studio program “Let them speak” photographer, Aslan Akhmadov was first shared with the audience several videos, which is popular favorite appears in everyday life, communicating with each other on various topics.

“I got a DVR in the car, he clung suction Cup to the glass, is constantly falling, but continued writing something down. At some point I got pissed, threw it in the glove box, and remembered about it only when decided to sell the car. I disassembled it and found the flash drive. What it contained, plunged me into shock, there was a video with Lucy”, – Akhmadov said.

According to the photographer, in the records who removed the lock, Lyudmila Markovna was thinking about the secret. The artist often spoke of death, she even came up with an outfit for the funeral, she also talked about the makeup that would like to see for yourself in the day of farewell.

“To die… But not yet. I have not yet made the last dress, there’s still one and a half kilos of beads. Aslan, you have to make up, to put me in this dress. Want everything very politely, delicately at the funeral. Should be more colors, but not faces! Let the people then they will understand, I always hand out bouquets. Just want it quickly was, my face must be fresh. Some, of course, will say: “Well, with age it became nothing, pomudrel, but the freshness that has no” – shared Gurchenko.

Aslan said that Lyudmila Markovna supported his idea to create a book “My Lucy”, where are collected the best pictures of her. Star for photo shootings specially picked up dresses, jewelry. “She thought a picture of a little movie. Each image is carefully prepared, it was just incredible how it was burning the project. Lucy lived every detail, for example, she came up with those crazy hats,” said the photographer.

Akhmadov told that Lyudmila Markovna often recalled father Mark G. and a grandson, who was named after his great-grandfather. Heir star died from a drug overdose in 1998. However, about the only daughter Maria artist never said.

“Lucy always had incredible inner strength. She had a way with blood cut from the heart of a loved one, even if it hurt her. It seemed to me that she has a rather masculine character. She never called Mashinnogo name, as if it never existed, remembered Mark, sometimes about other family members talked and adored, idolized father. I didn’t ask her about her daughter, only tried during those short hours we were together, create the most comfortable conditions”, – Akhmadov said.

Aslan said that Lyudmila Markovna hated the film “carnival night”, which brought her national fame. Even the song “Five minutes”, which she performed in 1956, called the artist is a wild tantrum.

Akhmadov also remembered the episode, when the star of the screen congratulated personally by the President in her birthday. Then Lyudmila Markovna went with Aslan in the restaurant to celebrate a birthday in a narrow circle, but their car got stuck in traffic. An excerpt of the conversation with Putin was aired on “Let them talk”.

“Good evening, Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you! Yes, we kissed once, I remember. Thank you heartily, I thank you for the call and actually grateful that you are smart, charming and very nice person. It’s a very intimate confession. Yes, from all over congratulating me from all over the country. And I hug you, see you, bye!”- thanked legendary artist the head of state.

Then in the picture she turns to friend: “Vladimir called – it’s worth it. Said that mine can be used for combining countries, and we’re sitting here laughing”.

Akhmadov sure that the artist helps him to this day. Aslan hopes to be able to publish the book “My Lucy”…

The photographer spoke about the relations Lyudmila Markovna with the last of the sixth spouse Sergey Senin. “She loved him, it was obvious what was between them… Next to Sergei, she was very pensive, absorbed his thoughts and incredibly modest. I am grateful to her for everything! When near to you the man who so many of you gave… Lucy introduced me to the music, a limitless world,” said Akhmadov.

At the end of the program, the photographer performed a song dedicated to Lyudmila Markovna.