Released the cause of death of DJ Avicii

Обнародована причина смерти диджея Avicii
April 20, the popular Swedish DJ Avicii found dead.

Обнародована причина смерти диджея Avicii

Now it became known that the young man committed suicide. He left a farewell note. DJ wanted to spend more time with lover and child, but his team was against the reduction of the concerts.

Обнародована причина смерти диджея Avicii

“Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul, seeking answers to existential questions… When he stopped touring, he wanted to find peace of mind to be happy and to do what he loves most — music. He really struggled with thoughts about the meaning of life, happiness. He could no longer continue” — share Avicii close.

The news of the death of DJ shocked his fans, who still cannot believe his death.

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