Released from prison the son of Michael Douglas wants to become an actor

Вышедший из тюрьмы сын Майкла Дугласа хочет стать актером
Cameron Douglas has sent a petition to the court.

Вышедший из тюрьмы сын Майкла Дугласа хочет стать актером

Cameron and his girlfriend Vivian Tibbs


38-year-old son Michael Douglas, who served in
prison 7 years for drugs, through his lawyer appealed to the court. It
asked me to allow him to move from new York city, where he currently lives under the supervision of an officer
police in Hollywood. Cameron explained,
it wants to return to the acting profession.
After all, before he was
arrested the son of Michael Douglas has already acted in five films and three TV series.

“We ask the court to take into account the fact
in order to achieve success in accuracy profession, you just need
to live where movies are made!” the lawyer said Cameron from his

Recall that in 2009, he was arrested for trying to sell
the agent in civilian clothes a small amount of drugs. It was originally
sentenced to five years. However, after his girlfriend at the request of the son
Douglas tried to smuggle him drugs in jail and got caught, he got
the two extra years.

However, now these feelings for Cameron, fortunately, in the past. It
definitely embarked on the path of correction and wants to start a new life. Besides,
recently it became known that his girlfriend Vivian Tibbs — expecting his child.
Michael Douglas has managed to Express his joy over the fact that he was in the first
time will be the grandfather.

Michael Douglas with his son Cameron