Released from prison on bail, Weinstein will not be able to escape from justice

Выпущенный из тюрьмы под залог Вайнштейн не сможет сбежать от правосудия
Producer supplied is not a trendy “bracelet”.

Harvey Weinstein


The once-powerful producer Harvey Weinstein has become
in the ordinary prisoner awaiting the verdict. Two days ago, he gave up
police in new York, but on the same day was
released on bail of $ 1 million.

However, the escape from justice Harvey now is not exactly
can. First, he took away the passport. And, secondly, its like a dangerous criminal, provided a tracking device, so now he can’t leave town.
Weinstein attached to the leg special “bracelet”. Now, if Harvey’s attempt to remove their “jewelry” or
leave the confines of the designated area, the device will send a signal to the two assigned to monitor the Weinstein
officers Harvey and then again be placed in

Incidentally, this device is quite heavy — it weighs
almost 300 grams and needs daily charging. If he does not
will take care of it and the battery runs out, supervising him officers will also receive
signal. Your new “bracelet” Winsten have to wear to court. Reportedly,
the first hearing in his case will be held on July 30.

Recall that the scandal around
Weinstein began last fall. Then several women wrote to him
complaints to the police, accusing him of sexual harassment and rape. With
since already about 80 women wrote statements that indicated that they are
the victims of Harvey. Among the victims of the Weinstein — Ashley Judd, rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angilina Jolie, Uma Thurman and many other Hollywood Actresses.

It is worth noting the position of the producer looks very serious. Action
Weinstein declared a crime at the Federal level. He has already filed
charged with two rapes. In case
he is found guilty, he faces at least 25 years in prison. At this stage, Harvey will be judged only for the
these two crimes, the investigation into the others is still in progress.