Вышедший на свободу Борис Ливанов едва не убил обидчика дочери The son of a famous Soviet Sherlock Holmes was incensed by the fact that for his minor daughter Eva decided to hit the guy on vacation. Boris Livanov several hours trying to find a young man to deal with him man to man. Fortunately, conflict was avoided – the young man first found guarding the sanatorium, in which rested the family.
Вышедший на свободу Борис Ливанов едва не убил обидчика дочери

Boris Livanov became famous not only thanks to loud the name of the father, Vasily Borisovich Livanov, but loud criminal case in January 2009 he was accused of murder and sentenced to nine years imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

According to one version, Boris with then-wife Catherine came to visit friends, to celebrate the New year. During the feast among those present at the table there was a conflict. Alleged wife Livanov-younger was inappropriate, what drew the attention of one of the friends. Crazed jealous husband, mortally wounded men with a knife.

In 2014 Livanov was released early.

Ex-daughter-in-law and the illegitimate son of Vasily Livanov United against him

The couple parted, and daughter Eva left with her father. In 2013, according to the decision of the court of Catherine Livanov has restricted parental rights.

Boris is closely monitoring the only daughter, so all the suitors eve are serious competition. On vacation but Livanov-younger again lost his nerve, and he almost killed a random cavalier of the successor.

“Girls, those who are on the beach in bathing suits, while their Boyfriends, husbands, fathers think in the nearest cafe on the meaning of life. Remember, you are not safe, while there is at least some other guys. Whether it be a rescue or vacationers, husbands. Most likely, you will get to meet, not always politely and courteously. Find out at least the number to the police and be mentally prepared to gain it back. The day before I’m an hour and a half looking for a young geek who decided Eva Borisovna to meet you, a rather boorish way. On the big happiness, the security of the resort found him before me. In his 18-Yu margarine head, his mother promised to put all necessary information on how “fun and humorous manner” could have ended his meeting with a caring father of a girl,” – said Livanov.
Вышедший на свободу Борис Ливанов едва не убил обидчика дочери

Guys Boris also gave some advice. In his opinion, young people on the beach, you need to show originality in the setting.

“First, make sure that your head is divorced doesn’t go in the sea to fish, when the man of the girl with whom you want to meet, will come out of the locker room. Then do not make any sudden movements and gestures, the girl is stripped and she is scary. Bring her a drink, sink with jewel, her portrait, which you butt on the stone is painted, but anyway that, if only gently. Feel knights and so themselves and lead. It will be much wiser. Yes, it would be easier than to pick your teeth up with broken arms and do a selfie from the cast of the head. Every girl is somebody’s daughter, girlfriend, wife. In dashing 90-e, we all knew who it was forgotten, he is forever so young and left there in the ‘ 90s,” said Livanov.