Released a new teaser for “Crown”: the role of Elizabeth II of the Oscar-winning Olivia Colman

Вышел новый тизер «Короны»: в роли Елизаветы ІІ оскароносная Оливия Колман

Streaming platform “Netflix” has shown the new season the most expensive in the history of cinema series “the Crown”. In the third season Queen Elizabeth II will play an actress Olivia Colman.

The new season of “the Crown” will be released in cinemas on 17 November 2019, and while the creators of “feed” the audience a short teaser and news. It is known that in the third season role of Elizabeth II will make a different actress is Claire Foy, who received the “Emmy” and “BAFTA”, the Queen will become the British Oscar-winning Olivia Colman. To the public she is best known for his roles in the films “murder on the Orient Express, “Les Miserables”, “Mistress” and the series “Murder at the beach” and “Night administrator”.

The series tells about the life of the Queen, spanning a long timeline. In this regard, every other season there is an “upgrade of the actors.” Change performers and minor characters. Thus, in the third season, consort of Elizabeth II Philip is Matt Smith will play Tobias Menzies. With trepidation, the British audience is waiting for and a new “incarnation” Princess Margaret performed by world-famous actress Helena Bonham Carter. They say that the personal life of Margaret will be one of the branches of the plot of the season. The creators promise the emergence of the image of Margaret Thatcher, played Gillian Anderson, best known for the series “Secret materials”.

Teaser of the third season of “the Crown”:

New teaser lasts less than a minute, at the centre of Queen Elizabeth II. At first, the audience only sees the open door of the Palace, but then it appears the main character in the performance of the Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman. For several seconds the Queen intently and intensely looking at the camera. This atmosphere complements the ticking sound. What is happening in the video suggests that in the new season of the Queen of waiting for serious cases and important decisions.

Add the third season will cover the thirteen-year time period. So, it will be discussed about the events that happened with the Royal family in the period from 1964 to 1977. And will start the series from the birth of the third son of Elizabeth Edward’s.

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