Родные добрым словом вспоминают Веру Глаголеву
Last week the public was shocked by the news of the sudden death of the famous actress Vera Glagoleva.

Родные добрым словом вспоминают Веру Глаголеву

On Saturday there was a farewell ceremony with actress gathered friends and family of Vera Glagoleva.

The actress led a bitter struggle with cancer, but tried to keep it a secret. Ex-husband of the eldest heir of Vera Vitalyevna Anna Nahapetova told about what they have a relationship with the mother.

“You always took my side in family disputes, that I was genuinely surprised and deep down happy. We understood each other sometimes without words. I always knew that you are interested in, and our opinions often coincided. There were quarrels, as without them, and don’t let anyone God to quarrel with Vera Vitalevna, but it was a family, a peaceful quarrel. We always reconciled in the end,” wrote Yegor Simachev.

Close actress still can’t believe the death of a beloved mother, wife, grandmother.

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