Relatives of Vlad Listyev started talking about the tragedy after 21 years

Близкие Влада Листьева заговорили о трагедии спустя 21 год Family and friends said, as a leading foresaw the future of television. March 1, 1995, the General Director of ORT, was shot dead in the stairwell of his house on Novokuznetskaya street.

      Близкие Влада Листьева заговорили о трагедии спустя 21 год

      This year on may 10, Vlad Listeva would have turned 60 years old. Who knows what would have happened to modern television, if the fate of Vladislav Listyev, a leading “rush Hour”, “Sight” and other rating programs that would have been different. On 39-m to year of life on the evening of 1 March 1995, Listyev was shot dead in the stairwell of his house on Novokuznetskaya street. The killers never found.

      On the eve of the anniversary loved ones are told “StarHit” that the Leaves have not had time to implement their ideas, but apparently it did for him. “I said goodbye to Vlad for a couple of hours before the tragedy. If I knew, chatted him up in the morning – so often happened, when we talked about work! – says Vladislav co-host on “the View” Sergey Lomakin. – Walked him to his car, hugged each other… in the Middle of the night the phone rang – listeva killed! The night before her death, we enthusiastically discussed the first three issues of the updated program “Morning”. Imagine, even then, planned to make the broadcast interactive, dynamic – similar to the modern online. I came to Vlad in the office in “Ostankino”, then he wasn’t even their own – shared a room with a colleague. He listened with interest to my ideas, expressed their thoughts on this. Approved the offer, the audience participated in the creation of the television – as in our days. For example, choosing the host – a famous person you trust, whose opinions are listened to, offered during a broadcast discussion topics”.

      According to Lomakin, Vladislav planned to divide the grid on the morning TV news, daily analytical and evening entertainment. “Thought about creating a separate sports channel – prototype of the modern “Match TV”. “We believed that the transmission of such demand to the viewer, and not enough of them on TV – continues Sergey. – He was interested in sports, not fanatical, but closely followed by football, hockey. In the last years of his life liked to spend a few hours a week playing tennis.” In addition, he, despite serious employment in analytical projects, before his death, he developed programs for adolescents. One even came up with the name – “Galaxy”, she was supposed to be weekly, to go 30 minutes, something between “finest hour”, created by the same Listyev, and the current “Galileo”.

      Близкие Влада Листьева заговорили о трагедии спустя 21 год

      The eldest daughter Listyev, a 35-year-old Valeria, did not have time to get acquainted with the famous father who left the family when the girl is just born. Paid child support, but hasn’t visited the child. The girl is not mad, only regretted that once, obeying mom never called dad. Valery is married and has two children. It has long been interested in the history of life Listyev, keeps everything reminds me of him: work-book, a library card, letters to grandma.

      “My father saw a modern TV even 20 years ago – says “StarHit” Listyev. – What a pity that his ideas embodied in the life of others.”

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