Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят» Loved ones remember those who died in the plane crash in the waters of the Black sea. On Board were musicians, journalists, public figures who wanted to raise the morale of soldiers in Syria.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      The plane crash Tu-154 to Sochi did not leave indifferent, perhaps, no citizen of our country. December 26 was declared a day of mourning in memory of the victims of the tragedy. On Board were 92 people – the crew, musicians, journalists, and public figures. They all went to support fighting spirit of the military in Syria.

      Monday mourning: a day after the Tu-154 crash

      Still there are various versions of what happened. Given that the plane crashed into the Black sea, divers have not yet found the “black boxes”, on examination of which it is possible to reconstruct the course of events in the time before the crash. Friends and relatives of the victims came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to honor the memory of dearly departed heroes.

      The Studio program was visited by the mother of Alexander Thing and Nina. Shortly before departure the artist took the photo in the cabin of the Tu-154 and sent it to his beloved Julia. He was the third child, which she lost over the last three years. Her eldest son and daughter also died, leaving the mother some grandchildren.

      “Sasha was my number one helper, a great singer. I’m an Opera singer, once finished musical school in Baku singing with Muslim Magomayev. For Sasha it was a great gift and happiness to work in the Alexandrov ensemble”, – said Nina, barely holding back tears.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Once Alexander Thing and was the guest of the program “Field of dreams” Leonid Yakubovich. Leading the transfer of their views on what happened.
      “Something irreparable instant; no time to react. Moreover, as reported, the Board has gone flat and nose down. Therefore, two options: either external impact or what happened inside. To date, the version of the attack is rejected. So, it can be ornithological the danger of getting birds into the engines, or asynchronously triggered mechanization. In this case, a possible flip side to side, in any of the pilot’s experience to react is almost impossible,” says Yakubovich.

      Vladimir Vinokur admitted that he too wanted to get into the Alexandrov ensemble, however, this did not happen. The artist had many friends among the dead. Just recently, winokur was flying to Syria by this Board, together with Anton Gubankova and Alexander Maslyakov-younger. According to star, many famous members of the band could cancel the trip, but they wanted to make a Christmas gift to the military.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      The Alexandrov ensemble was more than the ensemble. “Ballet has lost almost all of it. It will be very difficult to recover it because the actors were, and tutoring, and it’s fantastically difficult profession. I have a lot of emotion, I cried almost the entire day,” says musician and showman Alexander Belov, who lost in the crash of a classmate Cyril Kolobrodov and a friend of his mom Vyacheslav Yermolin, familiar to him from childhood. Parent Belov worked in a team of about 20 years.

      One of the best soloists of the ensemble Alexandrov Vadim Ananiev narrowly escaped death. The man did not fly with colleagues on family circumstances. “It was the morning I was still asleep. The wife came with the phone and said, “you Know what happened? The plane went off the radar”. I immediately realized what happened. First, I called the management, they confirmed it. Turning on the TV, I realized that my friends are no longer alive. I was supposed to go. But just a few days ago Valery Khalilov called me and going into my situation, said “Stay”. I recently had a son, Yuri. Yesterday gathered the children and drove to Church. We lit candles and ordered the memorial service for the dead,” – says Vadim Ananiev, the leading soloist of the Alexandrov ensemble, people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

      Among the guests who decided to share their memories of the passengers of the fatal flight was the singer Zara. She has repeatedly worked with consummate musicians of the Alexandrov ensemble. Speaking of colleagues, the actress couldn’t hold back the tears.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Alexander Oleshko said that he was invited on this trip, however, he was unable to join the crew.

      “I flew on June 12 the day of Russia on this plane. Many went flying from his heart, without advertising and without talking about it. My first time talking about it. Anton Gubankov was so nervous for every performance. And on the way back he came up with the new year’s holiday. He requested that, in addition to Patriotic notes, was the children’s note, he wanted me to be Santa Claus. I bought a suit. But we haven’t set a specific number. I called Oksana Batrutdinova and said that they are flying without him. She talked about the fact that there is still a lot of holidays. We were supposed to meet tomorrow or the day after, but not this meeting,” said the man.
      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Musician Vadim Samoilov also said that he had to work with the Alexandrov ensemble. He noted that they are all people of the highest skill. The artist also admitted that all who have been to Syria, have become one family, and now everyone sees this tragedy as a personal loss. Famous singer and composer Denis Maydanov twice been to Syria. On one trip together they celebrated the birthday of the head of Department of culture of Minoborony of Anton Gubankova. The musician said that the man had incredible energy.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Elizaveta Glinka was also among those killed in the crash. The doctor was more known as Doctor Liza. She did a lot for people in distress – it got us the first hospice for patients with cancers. She was exactly where needed most. At this time, Elizabeth had to bring medicines to Syria.

      The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

      Came to the Studio mother of the girl who saved the Doctor Lisa. Yulia Kurenkova came under fire in the square of Donetsk and was the only survivor. But 11 days in Donetsk, the girl met with Glinka. “She couldn’t leave anyone in trouble, she helped anyone I could. Remembered forever as a bright person,” said Julia.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Before you arrive for the program the mother rescued the girls took a picture Desk of Elizabeth Glinka. She left it in perfect order, to return, to resume his duties.

      “I saw Lisa on Friday evening,” said Kurenkov.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Violetta Volkova, who worked with Dr. Lisa came in to tell about what really was her friend.

      “Lisa was the perfect person which you can call at any time of the day” – shared memories of the woman.
      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      She said that on Glinka do not know much. In fact, the doctor did everything to help the needy. Elizabeth was ready to come to the rescue at any time of the day or night to those who needed support.

      Among the dead were the journalists of channel one, NTV and Zvezda. The Studio came aunt Dmitry Runkova Lyudmila, who worked as a correspondent on channel one. The man at the end of December would be only 30 years old.

      Colleague Olga Knyazev has told that Dmitry had a sharpened sense of justice. According to her, the man did not think about career development, but only about how to do a good job. Before a business trip he made a passport, open new horizons.

      Родные жертв авиакатастрофы Ту-154 в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Also on Board the crashed plane was located and the crew NTV. Soundman Evgeny Tolstov, the operator Oleg Pestov and war correspondent Michael Luzhetsky.

      The crew of “Star” that was supposed to go to Syria, consisted of a 25-year-old journalist Pavel Obukhov. He often did reports of acute and dream is to go to a hot spot. Alexander Surinov was one of the most experienced operators on the channel. He was 34 years old. The youngest group was the assistant cameraman Valery Rzhevsky.