Родственники вдовы Зельдина назвали его племянника проходимцем According to the lawyer Igor Zeldin, Jr., manages not self-interest, and the desire to preserve the memory of the star. A young man is preparing for numerous vessels with loved ones who have died the wife of Vladimir Mikhailovich Yvette Kapralova.
Родственники вдовы Зельдина назвали его племянника проходимцем

The hero of the new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” was the great-nephew of Vladimir Zeldin Igor. He claims the apartment is the famous actor in the Nikon side street, which went to his widow, Yvette Kapralova. She bequeathed the estate to his brother Vladimir Boyarsky. Recently Igor proved his relationship with Vladimir Romanov and filed all necessary documents to the court.

The nephew of Vladimir Zeldin has proven relationship with the actor and claim to the inheritance

“Why my name was not in the will? I think it’s because his wife Yvette, she was very strict. When we were going to visit them on the day of birth, then we must agree this in advance with Yvette. Only with her permission could meet him. However, thanks to the work in the theater I could see him more often”, – said Igor Zeldin.
Родственники вдовы Зельдина назвали его племянника проходимцем

According to the young man, he collected the documents for several months. In the future, he would like to open a Museum in memory of Vladimir Mikhailovich. “I have two children, I want to tell them about grandfather,” he said. Igor complained about the fact that Vladimir Boyarsky does not go with him on contact. The journalists managed to contact the brother’s wife Zeldin.

“Nephew, I do not know and never saw in his eyes. In my life as we were living with Yvette and Vladimir Mikhailovich, I haven’t heard from him. I did not speak about it. Well, little did the crooks in the world, the sea, unfortunately. Well, what’s the Museum on the 14th floor, what are you talking about? The Museum has already made in the theater, there’s his dressing room. No, this is nonsense,” said Boyarsky.
Родственники вдовы Зельдина назвали его племянника проходимцем

Director Lyudmila Tsvetkova, a friend of Vladimir Zeldin, also appeared in the Studio. She said the famous actor lived a wealthy life. “Volodya always helped them. When I recently called him and told about this situation, he was in shock. No he didn’t say anything. When a person dies, there is always a million relatives. Where were you before? This mess, all the time”, – said the woman to the grandnephew of the star.

Actress Ksenia Khairova, who was familiar with Vladimir Zeldina and maintains good relations with his great-nephew, sided with Igor. “Certainly, he is worthy of the inheritance. I even advised a lawyer, he refused. All financial matters in the family of Vladimir Mikhailovich was always hard in the hands of Yvette E.”, – said the artist.

Lawyer Igor Zeldin, Vladimir Komsolev said his grandnephew claims to be the personal belongings of the artist, wishing to preserve his memory.

“Vladimir Boyarsky took possession of all the property. He closed the apartment, so everything that is there, available. It orders, medals, paintings and other personal belongings of Vladimir, constituting the succession mass. We are fighting for the right to belong to a surname Zeldin. We want the memory of Vladimir Mikhailovich was saved, and the building appeared a sign that he’s going,” said the lawyer.