Relatives of Sergey Gorina dragged into the scandal with the “Golden judge”

Близких Сергея Жорина втянули в скандал с «золотой судьей» For that day do not cease discussion chic wedding in Krasnodar. Recently became aware of the fact that the actions of Sergey Gorina, first drew attention to the magnificent celebration, check Moscow chamber of lawyers.
Близких Сергея Жорина втянули в скандал с «золотой судьей»

One of the biggest scandals of this summer was the hype that unfolded around the wedding of the daughter of a judge from Krasnodar Elena Kahalewai. The public was outraged immodest scale celebrations, with performances by stars of Russian show business. However, the audit found that the holiday was not spent six-figure sums in foreign currency, but only about 2.5 million rubles.

First called to pay attention to too lush event Sergei Zhorin. Now he took the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia. Its Chairman Yury Pilipenko asked the Metropolitan Association of the servants of Themis to check the actions of a colleague for compliance with professional ethics. If Gorina is found guilty in violation of requirements of the members of his profession, the man threatened sanctions.

Близких Сергея Жорина втянули в скандал с «золотой судьей»

The star lawyer, who often represented the interests of celebrities in court and has engaged in numerous high-profile cases, said the situation in one of the social networks. According to Gorina, currently organized against him a deliberate baiting. According to the man, sometimes information about it to present in a false light, distorting the facts.

In a scandal with the daughter’s wedding Krasnodar judge intervened Valery Meladze

“That I supposedly lost some business in Krasnodar. Although I never participated in any hearing in the Krasnodar region. And many other lies, which is very easy to refute if you wish (take the time). But I got used to it. Not the first time”, – said the lawyer.

In recognition of the lawyer, he is familiar with the basic techniques of detractors, who are not distinguished by originality. Zhorin said he was willing to stand up for their words.

“For me will not surprise any attempt of excitation concerning me criminal cases. Passed. And the desire to deprive me of the lawyer status is also predictable. However, I did not expect stab in the back. But, by and large, all this stuff. I’m ready for this, because they understood and gave a report of his actions”, – said the judge.

Commenting on the scandal, Sergei Zhorin also noted that critics sometimes behave totally unacceptable. The lawyer does not intend to reckon with the fact that they can speak about members of his family. The lawyer is going to defend the interests of loved ones – the minor son and wife.

“But I will rigidly react to attempts to discredit my family. (…) This is an abomination and vile, and I will go to the end, to punish the scum in the manner prescribed by law”, – said the Zhorin.