Родственники Мохаммеда Али будут бороться за его наследство с вдовой

Edition RadarOnline.com citing reliable sources, reports that in the big family of the dearly departed boxer Muhammad Ali, who reposed in the Lord in may of this year, there’s been a badabum – relatives of the legends of the sport going to continue the legacy.

“The notary will introduce family with the last will of the deceased in the next month, and this event may have the effect of an exploding bomb” — said the insider and explained that Mohammed always loved his family, brothers and sisters, but the boxer’s wife, Lonnie hated by numerous in-laws and maximally protect them from socializing, especially when Mohammed already and couldn’t argue really.
However, the will was prepared and decorated Ali in 2006, when the disease has progressed though, but still not effect his brain as in recent years. It is unknown how much was left of the legendary boxer, known for his generosity to family and friends, because Lonnie and this could influence the decision-making. Sources believe that after the announcement of the will, many will no longer hide his hatred for his wife Ali.
“Mohammed could not control what she does. When he found out how bad it belongs to his family, he was very upset and saddened. And friends, in turn, did not want to succumb to his even greater stress and specially distanced, that in their with Lonnie’s family was the world” — said the insider. Wife of boxer he describes as “greedy for money” the woman who will not give even a cent, and suggests that if Mohammed bequeathed at least part of the property to your friends or brothers with sisters, Lonnie will move the world”, but will not give them anything.
“Lonnie has already warned relatives of Mohammed even at his funeral that if someone at least say the word crooked about her, she’ll write him out of the will. She was always hungry for money” — said the source.
Recall that Muhammad Ali died June 3 at age 74.

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