Родственники Максима Галкина отдали службе в армии 100 лет On the Day of defender of the Fatherland broadcaster remembered the military from among their relatives. According to Maxim Galkin, he was engaged in historical arithmetic and figured out that the men of his family, including a young nephew who is just a year, gave the army a total of 100 years.
Родственники Максима Галкина отдали службе в армии 100 лет

Television presenter, parodist, actor light genre grew up in a military family. It’s a pretty known fact that he husband Pugacheva said so often. But if there is a reason or it comes to pedigree, the Maxim, do not hesitate, it is recognized that insanely proud of my family. And each in its place would be proud of.

Father celebrity Alexander Galkin was Colonel General, and ten years from 1987, he headed the Main armored Directorate of the Ministry of defence of the country. Maxim Galkin grandfather on the maternal side was the real hero. In the Great Patriotic war Grigory Pravin served as a tanker, after the death of a commander led a tank brigade from the encirclement and were promoted to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union, but because of the “fifth column” award and have not received. Older brother Maksim, Dmitry, too, was a military man, gave the army 16 years.

Now military dynasty continues nephew. About Maxim Galkin reported on his page on Instagram, posting a photo with a relative.

“Dear Nikita! You’re at the moment the youngest who served in the Russian army! In this photo, taken a year ago, I got your oath in the ancient Cossack Ostrogozhsk, in the Voronezh region, as you can see on my face, proud that I have such a nephew. So happened that on 23 February we have the last time, I congratulate all men, but I primarily remember this day your great-grandfather and your grandfather, and congratulations to my brother, I mean your father Dima, and now you, that is, the entire military a part of our family,” wrote Maxim.

Galkin, in his own words, he was interested in history of arithmetic and calculated that in total his relatives, including a nephew who’s a year in the army, gave to the armed forces 100 years of life! “If you take the 41 years that he served as the grandfather Grisha, Yes, 42, that gave the army our with Dima’s father, Yes Dimkinoy 16 years of service and allow your past year, Nikita, it turns out that our family is only in these extreme four generations to serve his country for a hundred years. It’s just a round number, but it is a great life in the rhythm of a variety of happy, heavy and critical stages of the history of our country. I congratulate all military on this day and wish you health and good luck in everything!” – wrote as a congratulations Galkin.