Relatives of Lyudmila Ivanova, learned of her death from the news

Родственники Людмилы Ивановой узнали о ее смерти из новостей Close the stars of the movie “Office romance” are still perplexed as to why they had not reported the death of the actress. At the moment they want to clarify and resolve the issue with the hospital, where he was hospitalized and where he died 83-year-old Lyudmila Ivanova.

      Родственники Людмилы Ивановой узнали о ее смерти из новостей

      Relatives of the deceased Lyudmila Ivanova is outraged that the administration center, where the actress was hospitalized, was not notified about the status of the health of the actress. Ivanov died on Friday in resuscitation of one of capital hospitals. Son Ivan Milyaev and granddaughter of the late Elizabeth demand an explanation from the hospital management in connection with the flagrant. According to them, they had not been informed about the incident, and they learned of the news on television.

      At the moment we know that the mile came in a medical institution No. 13, but he was not allowed to his mother. Recall that the actress was taken away in an ambulance on September 29. The nurse that wanted to attach to her relatives, also received a refusal refusal of doctors. The administration has referred to the established norms, which for some reason a woman with medical training and experience cannot take care of a sick person.

      Died Lyudmila Ivanova

      Ivan Milyaev because of the inability to get to the mother did not know about the deterioration and therefore had no idea that it happened soon. To date, unclear address whether nasledniki late to the Prosecutor’s office with a complaint, but they will definitely solve the issue with the chief physician of the institution. At the same time, the hospital administration claimed it did not have the slightest idea about the existence of relatives.

      Doctor actress Vladimir Obolensky says that he worked for many years with Ivanova, but he didn’t even know that could be related. At least she didn’t tell him anything about his family. The only thing that was known Obolensky, is the fact that the nurse of an elderly woman was her confidant, but even that was not informed about the death of the patient, since, according to the doctor, her phone was unavailable.

      Guide medical ucherzhdeniya continues to insist that they were not going to deliberately conceal the fact of the death of Lyudmila Ivanova. As representatives of the hospital, her medical records did not specify any contact loved ones. The administration is also trying to figure out why information about the death of Lyudmila Ivanova has been in the media before about having found out her relatives.