Relatives of Ilona Novoselova admitted what happened to her ashes

Родные Илоны Новоселовой признались, что стало с ее прахом Mom and lover witches revealed the secret. Ilona Novoselova was not on 13 June this year. The funeral of the psychic were held in the strictest confidence, however, four months later, close friends dared to share with the public details of the wires in the last journey.
Родные Илоны Новоселовой признались, что стало с ее прахом

In mid-June it became known that killed 29-year-old star of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova. The girl fell from the sixth floor window under mysterious circumstances. Relatives and friends still can’t believe the witch’s death. The next issue of the new season of the project “the Psychics lead the investigation. Battle of the fittest” revealed some of the circumstances of the complicated case.

Producers transfer remembered how Ilona came to the casting of the sixth season, but refused to participate. A year later, she reappeared on the stage and reached the final. But at the decisive moment the presenter of the show called the best of her opponent.

“I told you, I don’t need the prize. If you get it on the floor I will break,” said Novoselov.

Then she was invited to the new project “the Psychics lead the investigation”. She has helped people to solve their difficult questions. But the crew was hard working with her – she not once showed temper, but immediately asked forgiveness for being rude.

Novoselova felt the pain of others and often had Parallels with my life. She talked about problems in the family. She remembered how she was teased at school, and after school she always came home in tears. Mom did not tolerate this attitude and at the age of 12 took her out of the institution. Ilona was talking about that grew up without a father and admitted that was in desperate need of love.

“I’m afraid I’ll be alone, I don’t want to grow old and remain solitary witch” – remember the words Novoselova her colleague Ziraddin Rzayev.

Some said that Ilona had an affair with Alexander Sheps. However, the psychics did not comment on the relationship.

The editors of the program “Psychics lead the investigation” recalled that Novoselov was one of the most “Thrifty” participants – she has always carried with him many of the attributes that helped her bond with the other world. She tried to do what was necessary. The witch did not hesitate to inflict damage on attackers and thought he was done justice. She often shocked the heroes to take revenge on the enemies. The editors of the program “Psychics lead the investigation. Battle of the fittest” decided to show one of the rituals Novoselova. A witch herself was not allowed to broadcast her spells.

Ilona told colleagues that awaits her imminent death, but they urged her not to attract similar thoughts. “I just got into black magic, rod ends for me, I paid for it”, said the witch.

Родные Илоны Новоселовой признались, что стало с ее прахом

Mother Ilona and beloved said that after the death began to occur strange phenomena. When the mother came to the police, then flashed the light, and the employees turned off the computer. They also noticed a strange phenomenon at home. A friend of Ilona Novoselova: “Before she died, she wrote to the guy apartment”

“At 10 o’clock in the evening flew a bird, like a pigeon stood on the windowsill of the room where Ilona worked magic and looked out the window” – said the mother.

Funeral Novoselova held in the strictest confidence – aware of what is happening was only a narrow circle of close people. After cremation, mom and Tom the Devils flew to the open space to scatter the ashes of the girl.

“We went to the South sea, took the catamaran and almost reached the middle. The water was pink haze, like a cloud floated. Ilona was a gold necklace, he got dumped in the water,” said Elena.