Relatives of George Vitsin trying to establish contact with his daughter

Родня Георгия Вицина пытается наладить контакт с его дочерью The woman practically did not communicate with anyone. Neighbors of the successor of the famous actor told how she lives and what he asked us not to tell outsiders. Relatives of George Vitsin, which at the time he was very close, I want to reconnect with his daughter, but to no avail.

      Родня Георгия Вицина пытается наладить контакт с его дочерью

      Everyone’s favorite Coward from the film “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik” Georgy Vitsin was born 18 April 100 years ago. His artistic ability was inherited by the only daughter Natalia. All her life she worked as a graphic artist, among her works are the posters for the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!” and “unfinished piece for mechanical piano”.

      Natalia is over 60, she still sits down at the easel. Although income is the lesson she brings. The actor’s daughter lives in Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the apartment that her many years ago gave a famous father.

      “She rarely leaves the house – said, “StarHit” Elena, neighbor Natalia. – Receives a pension, the money exists. With us, the residents of nearby apartments, almost no contact, and if he speaks, be sure to ask anyone anything about her not to tell – doesn’t like attention. Natalia lives with the civil husband, his name is Alex. He goes for groceries, pay utilities, trash. Guests they are rare.”
      Родня Георгия Вицина пытается наладить контакт с его дочерью

      With Vitsin relatives also not to contact. Her father was close with his cousin Valentin Ivanovich. Now his grandchildren are trying in vain to establish a relationship with aunt Natalia Vicini.

      “We live in Vladimir, lost contact with Natasha after the death of her mother in October 2001, said the “StarHit” Anastasia Kurnosova, the wife of the Seeds, cousin, grandson of actor. – Mom’s husband the first time kept it warm relationship, constantly called up, but for many years before Natasha not to call, the phone in her apartment is silent. To go to Moscow with his mother-in-law can not the elderly, Yes, and my husband’s visit to the capital can not afford, because in the hands of a little girl Masha, great-granddaughter of George Mikhailovich. A little older – let’s show her favorite movie of our family, where eminent relatives played a charming Coward. It’s a shame that our relationship ended so abruptly… We feel sorry for Natalia, as she there alone? We will be glad, if you come to visit, ready to help her in any way we can: and attention, and money, if need be.”

      Родня Георгия Вицина пытается наладить контакт с его дочерью

      Relatives of Vladimir is not the only one who worried about the fate of the vizina family. Admirers of George Mikhailovich in groups to his memory in the network “Vkontakte” often discuss that on the grave of the actor on the Vagankovsky cemetery is still there the monument is a modest granite slab with the dates of birth and death. In a sign of respect users want to raise money to install the monument, but this idea is unlikely to support Natalia Vitsin. The woman repeatedly said that she will deal with the question of the monument to the father, it is true that for 16 years the case goes on.