Близкие Эрнста Неизвестного потрясены его внезапной смертью The sculptor died in one of the American clinics. Ernst Neizvestny has lived in the U.S. for the last 40 years. Sometimes he visited Russia, where she created the familiar monuments of architecture and sculpture. Network remember than remember the master.

    Близкие Эрнста Неизвестного потрясены его внезапной смертью

    Ernst Neizvestny died in the USA on 92-m to year of life. In the words of another great genius of Jeff Plumes the sculptor died in the hospital “stony brook”. In this hospital, Unknown was hospitalized a few days ago, after he felt severe pain in the stomach. Friend Ernst surprised that the death came so suddenly.

    “It was very sudden, two days ago he felt fine,” – said Plumes.

    Relatives and friends of the Unknown not yet decided where he will be buried. According to Plumes, this issue will be resolved on Wednesday. Social media users mourn the great sculptor and leave words of support to his heirs and wife, Anna Graham. “He Died Alive. I still can not say anything, tears come. Stunned. Depressed. This is a huge loss for Russian culture, for all who knew this extraordinary man. Anya, hold on. You have to be strong,” wrote journalist Oleg Sulkin.

    Many of us remember famous quotes the talented sculptor and the work that was created in my entire life is Unknown. “The Kingdom of heaven! A great sculptor and a man!” “Gone is the author of black-and-white tombstones Khrushchev at Novodevichy. Went to stay for their amazing work. Eternal memory,” “the Sculptor. Artist. Thinker. The bright memory. With the departure of the great people of the era of great personalities, great goals, genius, perseverance, courage of thought, depth of knowledge, incredible life experience, wisdom and understanding that is important. The era of personalities had a huge impact on the culture of the country on us. They are almost gone” – such entries left on the pages of Facebook users.

    Близкие Эрнста Неизвестного потрясены его внезапной смертью

    Ernst Neizvestny was born in 1925 in Yekaterinburg. He was the Great Patriotic war, in 1945, was wounded in Austria. “The orderlies dragged me to young boys. Well, maybe put sloppy — what the dead count? And now – something with plaster happened, shifted, and I yelled,” recalled the Unknown in an interview.

    In the early 1960-ies in Moscow held two exhibitions of Ernst Neizvestny. However, with the power of the relationship the sculpture has not developed. Nikita Khrushchev did not understand “degerativnye art of the Unknown. In 1976, the master left the USSR.

    “My slogan – “nothing or everything”. Or I live as I want, or let me die. Not to yield: the no – nothing – never! So many times I had to die… and I die; in life there were so many situations of which it was impossible to get out alive, I’m in those situations were because of anything was not hiding, but some force kept me and saved. I am surprised that I lived to my years,” said Ernst in a recent interview.

    Unknown remember the following works: monument to “Prometheus”, located in the pioneer camp “Artek”, “Lotus Flower at the Aswan dam in Egypt, the Golden child of Odessa near the Sea station. In the 1990’s, Ernst created in Russia a statue of Orpheus, which is the prize TEFI. In 1996, in Magadan established a “Mask of Sorrow” the famous sculptor. Unknown was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” III degree.

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