Relatives of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo alarmed by his condition

Родственники Андрея Григорьева-Аполлонова встревожены его состоянием здоровья The soloist of group “Ivanushki International” hard going through the death of his eldest sister. According to relatives, he works hard, trying to get rid of sad thoughts. However, this obsession with appearances affects the well-being of the artist.
Родственники Андрея Григорьева-Аполлонова встревожены его состоянием здоровья

In late July, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov has lost his sister Julia. The sudden death of a cousin became for the artist a heavy blow, and he’s still not recovered from the loss. A few weeks before he died and a close friend of the musician Oleg Yakovlev.

Relatives of the singer are concerned about his well-being, because Andrew works very hard. He appeared at the memorial service 40 days after death of Julia, and looked tired. Half-sister of the musician Olga told how she now lives her famous relative.

“Of course, the death of Julia was a blow to him. What can I say, for all of us it was a shock. After the funeral, Andrew is often elevated blood pressure. We advised him to rest more, but on the contrary he works a lot. Tries using creativity to drive away bad thoughts”, – said Olga Grigoriev-Apollo.

After all the tragic events that happened to him this summer, Andrew disappeared from social networks. He’s already more than a month of not publishing photos in Instagram. A few weeks ago, the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” has posted a video dedicated to the sister. In it he says that still cannot come to terms with the death of Julia.

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov hard going through the death of his sister

“My life stopped. Still can’t get over it. I was not very good, but I understand that life goes on, you need to go forward,” shared experiences is a popular artist.

Fans are very worried about Grigoriev-Apollo, and I wish him to find the strength to get over the grief. “We really miss You. Come quickly to life, because any pain is not eternal”, “How bad I had to see Andrew, but he still radiates an inner light. Hold on and don’t give up”, “Julia will always be with you and family and friends support during a very difficult time”, – expressed his opinion of the fans of the stars.

Olga Grigoriev-Apollo told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that Andrew rarely communicates even with relatives. Now the artist is trying to cope with the pain of loss alone and does not show his feelings to overwhelm. “Give it time. Gradually, my brother’s life back to normal. Still, they Julia were very close. I think fans understand that and don’t get angry”, – shared his opinion on the current situation, the relative of the musician.