Relatives of Agatha muceniece sued for the property

Родственники Агаты Муцениеце судились из-за имущества The father of the actress died early and left the family many debts. Muceniece barely remembers dad. As told to star in “one”, after his departure from life at the age of 40 years, they had difficult.
Родственники Агаты Муцениеце судились из-за имущества

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece became heroes of transfer “When all the houses”. The couple invited Timur Kizâkova to visit. At the moment, the family of actors living in a country cottage in which they completed the repairs done this winter.

For tea Agatha and Paul spoke about the family and shared plans for the future. All my childhood Paul spent in the small town of Berdsk near Novosibirsk. Mother, who worked as a choreographer, gave the boy to the dance. In addition, Priluchny, studied at the music school. The actor is thankful to the parent that she made him walk on all sections. However, due to the early death of his father Paul had not been able to do on the ballet Department, as the education cost is too expensive.

“He was supposed to be a singer, I thought he was going to sing,” says mother Priluchnogo.

When Agatha was a child, her family, too, was a tragedy. Mom stars Nonna was raised by one of the two daughters. The girls ‘ father worked as a bartender, and he had serious health problems, particularly with alcohol.

“Mom got married quite early. And my dad was a bartender. Mother gave birth to two children, one by one. Dad died when he was 40 years old, and left a bunch of debt, a lot of things: apartment, car… My late grandmother, Anna Ivanovna, suddenly decided that they should sue us all you left us dad. Mom drags five years in the courts”, – said muceniece.
Родственники Агаты Муцениеце судились из-за имущества

However, Agatha and her sister Santa was able to grow doystoynuyu people and get an education. Muceniece remembered how her mother had to learn the Latvian language, when their country was related to the reform. According to the actress, mother was spending the night with the dictionary.

“She had a hard life. Despite this, she was able to give us a decent education and upbringing,” said Agatha.

At the moment the sister of the actress that is older than her by about a year, works as an administrator in a casino.

Родственники Агаты Муцениеце судились из-за имущества

Agatha and Paul are grateful to Lubov Yurievna, the mother of the actor, which helps them to cope with children. According to muceniece, they were able to come to such harmony of joint effort. With the advent of children the star of the series “Civil marriage” has changed dramatically. Agatha notes that Timothy and MIA taught her to experience new emotions.

“I recently went to the same Director to audition, which got when I was not yet a mother. He told me that I’m acting grown up. Children have a huge range of feelings,” said the actress.