Relatives Janna Friske defended the right to communicate with her child

Родственники Жанны Фриске отстояли право на общение с ее ребенком Savelovsky court determined the order of the meetings of the parents of the actress with a three-year Plato. For a long time, mom, dad and sister Jeanne Friske could not see her son. Deceased civilian spouse singer Dmitry Shepelev did not want the boy to spend time with relatives of his mother.

      Родственники Жанны Фриске отстояли право на общение с ее ребенком

      After the death of the singer Zhanna Friske 15 June last year, her common-law spouse Dmitry Shepelev began to raise their son Plato. About a boy care nurse and mother of TV presenter. Dmitri did not want the parents of the singer and her sister Natalia participated in the life of his heir, and strongly inhibits the meetings of the son with the grandmother, grandfather and aunt. Relatives of Jeanne birth took care of the baby, and now deprived of the opportunity to see him.

      Today I held a hearing, following which the claim of parents and sister of Jeanne Friske has been partially satisfied. The hearing was held behind closed doors, as was considered the minor child’s rights.

      “Yes, the court partially satisfied our requirements and allowed us to see Plato, – said Natalia Friske “StarHit”. – Will this sense, it is hard to say. Dima not communicate”.
      Родственники Жанны Фриске отстояли право на общение с ее ребенком

      This is not the first hearing, which decided the order of communication of Plato with grandma, grandpa and aunt. However, before any decision was taken – hearing of the matter was postponed.

      “For the hours you spend with your child, we will fight in the same way as Dmitry,” said “StarHit” the lawyer Friske in the beginning of June.

      In may Dmitry Shepelev still allowed the relatives of Jeanne Friske to see the boy. However, the meeting was held under the supervision of a psychologist, and the TV presenter was accompanied by three guards. The family of Jeanne Friske met with her son after years of separation

      “Was my mom and I, – have shared with “StarHit” Natasha Friske. – Dad could not, he was unwell. Dima himself chose the site, he was accompanied by three guards, also observed the meeting of a family therapist. God, Plato – copy mother. Immediately recognized my grandmother and I called aunt Tata. Are unable to hold back the tears, because I haven’t seen our boy. The psychologist was asked to take himself in hand. Talked about half an hour. Gave talking about toys. I hope that we will see”.

      For a long time Dmitry Shepelev did not give any comments and avoided contact with the press. However, a year after the death of his civilian wife, he began to tell about what grows Plato.

      “An interesting coincidence: recently my son and I had dinner in a cafe, where I had often been with Jeanne. And for dessert, from many options, he chose carrot cake. Delicious, ask. – Very! – Did you really like? – Yes! So, not knowing he had chosen a favorite dessert of Joan in this cafe. Of course, I told him about it”, – said Dmitry.